Replace Move (and autolink) command with Search

Move, as coded, is too hard to use on a large system. Replace the UI with the search function. Everything should work as with search except:

  • it should say Move (and maybe what it’s moving)
  • when you choose the node you found, it will move the item there.

Maybe a certain mode of search (e.g. flat) will work best for this? Not sure.

P.s. Every thing here applies also to creating links with [[. I can type [[ but I can’t find what I want to link.

I don’t understand why you want this, probably misunderstanding. Wouldn’t this change nothing except the order of the results? They are currently ordered by best match in move, but your way would order them like search filter, in the order they appear in the document, no matter how bad of a match they are. It would vastly increase the keystrokes I need press on a daily basis and wear out my down arrow.

Quite simply: I cannot find the target by typing. There’s a long list of matches and none are what I need. It probably exists way down. Maybe, I need to be more diligent about putting more detail into things I might want to be a move target so I have an easier way to find it. Suggestions on better KM technique are welcome.

(hm, I meant to post this in Features. Corrected.)

For example: I want to move this item to another document, one of the main items of that document. That item has a single word name. I’m imagining Search will give tools to get there more easily because Move doesn’t.

Oh, yeah, move doesn’t work between documents I don’t think. Also move’s results kind of suck. I switched to a system of prepending a 2 character unique code to all the places I move items to. That way I’m guaranteed to succeed, hotkey > two characters > enter, successful move.

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Move can work between documents, but only if you’re lucky. I want to move something to the node NEW under the document FVP. I can move to the document. I can move to a random node in the document that has a somewhat unique name. I cannot move to NEW. If only I could specify the context of where I want to move it, say by entering FVP and NEW, I could get the note there.

So again, I’m asking for some improvement to this dialog.

I still think Checkvist nailed this years ago, as we discussed in a feature request previously @Alan: Browse Functionality for Move

In the meantime I do similar to @BigChungus - for destinations I want to move things to, e.g. objectives, projects, or sublist headings I have tag codes (@o, @p, ==mtg.w) at the start of those items, hidden via custom CSS, which makes the current move-to dialog much more predictable as I can instantly hone in on just my objectives by typing @o and then continue typing a word of the actual description

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I used to use Checkvist years ago, totally forgot about it. Cant beleive they still show an input box every time you type. It’s the main reason I left, just looks so amateur.

Yeah I took another look at it yesterday now they’ve done backlinks too but editing the outline itself is just so clunky in comparison to Dynalist

Maybe what I seek is answered by a simple tweak: Change the program so that if an item IS “NEW” and no other text then searching for that should give priority over an item that is two sentences and happens to contain the word ‘new’. Not sure exactly how to formulate this idea.

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