Reordering bullet point while focus is on its note brings entire view to the top

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have lots of bullet points on a document so that you need to scroll down
  2. On a bullet point near the bottom of the page, add a note (eg, via SHIFT + ENTER)
  3. While input focus is on the note, reorder bullet point up via keyboard shortcut (eg, CMD + UP)

Expected result

I expect the input focus to remain on the note, with the bullet point moved upward, but my scroll height to not change

Actual result

While the input focus remains on the note (and the bullet point does get reordered), $('.DocumentContainer').scrollTop() gets reset to 0; I need to scroll all the way down to see my bullet point again.


macOS desktop app, v1.1.19
also reproduced on macOS Google Chrome at webapp

Additional information