Renaming an image's title while it's uploading changes the way text is highlighted

Steps to reproduce

Starting from scratch, what are the steps to make the bug happen? The fewer the steps, the better.

  1. Copy paste an image onto Dynalist.
  2. Start highlighting ![Pasted Image, starting from the e.
  3. Once the image is uploaded, the highlight extends in either both directions or goes to the right.

Expected result

What do you expect to see after carrying out the steps above?

I should still be able to highlight towards the left.

Actual result

Instead of the expected result, what happened?

The right is highlighted as well.


Which operating system are you using? Which browser are you using? If you’re using a desktop or mobile app, what’s the version number of Dynalist?

Chrome/Win10. Be sure to be actively highlighting as the image is uploading.

I’m not sure if this is avoidable, since we need to change stuff around after pasting the image, in order to make the link.

How often do you run into the issue described? :slight_smile:

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I guess every time I paste something and start to rename it whilst the image is uploading.