Redo (CTRL+SHIFT+Z) and Undo commands

I would really like this

Most programs have two functions

  • Undo (CTRL+Z)
  • Redo (CTRL+SHIFT+Z)

Unfortunately dynalist only has the first one CTRL+Z (undo) but not redo

It would make a huge difference since you might accidentally delete something in dynalist using undo and need to “redo” it


Ctrl+y ?

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i mustve have missed this

I cannot rebind to CTRL+SHIFT+Z, which is what I’m used to though

Got it, will fix this!

Update: you can’t rebind to Ctrl+Shift+Z because Ctrl+Shift+Z is already in effect. It’s just that Dynalist can’t show two shortcuts for the same action.

Can you give it a try?

it works thanks erica

had to bind it to


before I could bind it to


I meant you don’t need any binding at all to use Ctrl+Shift+Z, that’s enabled by default (this is why you can bind to it – it’s already bound to it).

You can bind to Shift+Z and then to Ctrl+Shift+Z, or you could remove the binding altogether.