Recurring dates (Pro)


(Copied from the blog post:)

Finally you can set recurring dates in Dynalist!

Note: this feature is Pro-only.


Recurring dates makes managing repeating tasks easy. When checking off a recurring date, the next occurrence will be automatically generated. You also have the option to update the existing item rather than creating a new one.


In addition to the commonly used daily and weekly tasks, you can also define your custom recurring tasks. You can even specify certain days in a week.


For a complete guide on how to use recurring dates, click here.

This has been one of the most requested features for a long time, and we’re grateful for your patience. Enjoy!

P.S. This is not the final version and we’ll iterate on it. So don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any feedback! If you’re interested in trying it out, just drop us a line to request some free Pro trial.


That was fast! And the liked the way the users were integrated into the development process.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Thank you Philipp! Let us know if you have any feedback on the feature itself too :heart:


This is awesome guys - really elegantly implemented, well done!


Thanks Stephen!


This is such a welcome addition in the evolution of Dynalist. It comes closer to meeting the challenge of a super task manager, as well as a powerful project manager and organiser. But paradoxically for me, it drew me back to Todoist. Being able to create recurring items then prompted the interest in a dashboard, where today’s and upcoming items can be viewed. This is very useful for planning your day.
The Powerpack 3 by @Piotr does this well on the desktop browser. But there are two sticking points. The markdown formatting is not carried over, so you often get a mess of text (same with entries on Google calendar). And it’s not something you can manipulate on the phone (the commute is often the situation when you look at what’s ahead).
Maybe this is a limit intrinsic to Dynalist.
I presume most users will use the due dates in filters. I’m interested to know how others make use of this facility.


What do you by “manipulate on the phone”? About the fact that recurring dates are not editable on the mobile apps right now?


The best case scenario is to have a list of items due today in a single list for review. These could then be ordered and completed in due course.

I know that’s partly possible with the Google calendar integration, using the agenda view, but it can’t be manipulated.


I’m using “until:8h” to filter today and past tasks. You can somewhat manipulate it in the app (I usually only do simple add or check off). Just give you an idea, and happy new year!


Dose this work just as well if the recurring date is in the Note?


This is great! One piece of feedback. The repeated items do not get filtered out by the active search until I reload the browser.

For example, imagine today is 2019-01-02, I search for until:0d, and I complete these 2 tasks:

- task 1 !(2019-01-02 | 1d) 
- task 2 !(2019-01-02 | 1d) 

The list will then show the repeated tasks even though they don’t match the search:

- task 1 !(2019-01-03 | 1d) 
- task 2 !(2019-01-03 | 1d) 

As a result, I need to reload the browser every time I complete a repeating item to hide the later dates. And this is even more painful on desktop since I do not have the option to reload.

To fix this, please consider:

  1. Adding a global view option to immediately hide items that don’t match the current search (similar to immediately hiding completed items)
  2. Adding a keybinding to refresh the search without reloading the entire browser tab


Another suggestion. Imagine you have a recurring item with completed sub-items.

-[ ] Task !(2019-01-05 | 1d) 
    -[x] Subtask 1
    -[x] Subtask 2

When you mark the recurring item as complete, the original completed item should retain all the sub items, and the newly generated item should mark all sub-items as incomplete.

-[x] Task !(2019-01-05 | 1d) 
    -[x] Subtask 1
    -[x] Subtask 2
-[ ] Task !(2019-01-06 | 1d) 
    -[ ] Subtask 1
    -[ ] Subtask 2


I just noticed this subfeature. I will use it for my “water the plants” item i guess. What are other ideas people do with it?


Came here to make this point. That would make recurring items Soo useful for things like my daily checklist etc.

EDIT: Oh this isn’t threaded… This was in response to Danny’s comment; asking if a recurring item is marked completed can it please uncomplete itself (as normal, current behaviour) AND uncomplete all the sub items? (New behaviour)


I thought this would have been discussed somewhere but I can’t find it. I’d love an option for nth day of week. E.g., 3rd Sunday, 4th Wednesday, and importantly but different: last Tuesday.

How you would handle 5th Sunday is a whole other question.