Refresh search keyboard shortcut

If I want to refresh search results on desktop, I need to clear and resubmit the search. Please add a keyboard shortcut to make this easier.

My main use case is clearing recurring dates after completion:


Yes - this is an important feature that I require needing quite often

I would like to see some sort of automatic refreshing of the search when changes are made to what is being searched. Like Danny_Nelson, my main use case would be when a task with a date has been completed. Rather than having the task stay on screen with the updated date, I would like it to disappear since it no longer fits the search parameter. Short of this being an automatic action, a keyboard short cut would be better than nothing. Right now I go back to the search box and delete a couple of the characters in the search and retype them. Even when I have the search bookmarked at the top of the page and can click on it, it won’t refresh the search. Thanks!