Recurring Checklists


I have some recurring tasks. e.g. Every week I need to do Computer Backups and this effort includes a dozen tasks.

So I created an item, “Computer Backups” and I gave it a date of !(2019-07-03 | 1w) . Then I made it a checklist and added 12 indented items under it.

The first time I executed Computer Backups, I checked off each indented item, and when they were all done, I checked off the top level Computer Backups. I got a new top-level “Computer Backups” item, but none of the sub-items.

How do I create a recurring, hierarchical item?


Edit: I just did some testing on this and yes, if you have the option:
then indeed the new item doesnt have children, which is not the behaviour we want. Can we flag this up @Erica @Shida ?

With the option:

it all works fine though, a la:

Before checking the parent item:

After checking off parent item (note date change):


Thank you for investigating. I don’t agree that it all works fine with “existing date gets updated”. It shows that the detail items for the future are completed.

If I mark the roll-up task “Computer Backups” complete for this week, I haven’t completed the sub-task “Backup Wife’s Computer” for next week.

If the recommended practice is to use “Existing date gets updated” then updating that date should result in auto-clearing the checkboxes of the child items.


I don’t know if it’ll help but I played around a little bit with this and came up with something but it’s not pretty :confused: .

Instead of repeating the task, I created a recurring dates for each sub-tasks and put the date as a note (which I found easier to read)

It works whatever settings for the recurring dates you chose (dates get updated or new item is created)



Oops yes forgot to mention that - we would want them automatically unchecked absolutely