Recommendation for the Dynalist Team:

Hey guys, just a small recommendation here, I don’t know if you have already considered something like this:

I used another SaaS app that had this installed a while back, and it seemed very good, much better for prioritising customer feedback and product roadmap than something like this forum setup.

I think the forum set up is a bit sub-optimal, high priority issues could get low “votes” (e.g. not many thread replies) due to being a boring or old issue that requires little discussion, lower priority issues might appear higher priority due to lots of messages but those messages might just be one or two very vocal forum users, and the whole system is biased towards those who are vocal in the forums, whereas I am sure most Dynalist users are not even in this forum.

So, Receptive allows you to put a little voting system in the app. If a user has a new feature request they can input it, and other users can see it and they can upvote the ones they find most important. It can survey all users, not just forum-frequenters, and it can allow users to vote on multiple features and then use sliding scales to tell you exactly where their priorities lie. At the end of it all, you guys will get much clearer and objective data on what users actually want to see happening next in the app.

Nice service. Thanks for sharing it!

Looks really nice… until I saw the pricing page :scream:

The other SaaS app you use… is that a B2B app? $199 per month for 1,000 users and $999 for 10k users is not an affordable price for a B2C business, unfortunately. Each B2B customer is worth much more than a B2C one, especially in the case of apps like Evernote and Dynalist, with most users stay in the free plan.

So I guess we’ll try to achieve what does with forum + Trello roadmap, like what we’re doing now. If a feature request receives enough discussion and Likes, we’ll create a card on the roadmap for it. I know people still need to sign up for Trello and all, at least it’s free…

Sign up? I have a Trello account but I can’t do anything on your t-board.

I meant you can vote for features. It’s also stated in one of the most noticeable cards on Trello: Trello

I was commenting on how lets you vote for stuff, and how Trello is an alternative to that functionality.

Yep, it was a B2B app I was using. I wonder if it’d be an affordable price if it was only used for Pro customers? Could then be an upsell for the pro plan - “Buy Pro & get the chance to decide Dynalist’s future direction!”

Oh… Trello is still being used? I wasn’t aware. I thought I read somewhere (maybe I misread) that Trello wasn’t being used for customer feedback anymore and that feedback was instead being taken through this forum. I’ll check out Trello then, I imagine with that you could indeed replicate a simple version of Receptive.

Sorry for the confusion, Trello stopped being a place to discuss things, as it was very hard for us to communicate effectively with everyone using Trello comments. It’s still the place to go if you want to cast your votes on the popular feature requests :slight_smile:

And yeah, it would make sense if we use Receptive only for Pro users, but then again the sample size (number of votes and ideas generated) would be much smaller.