Quick send to multiple locations on android

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We currently lack the ability to quick send to multiple locations (or quick send at all with the native app) on android. However, there are now two excellent third party apps available (Quick Dynalist and Dynawrite), and which have some different features worth noting. Quick Dynalist is extremely reliable and rapid, but will only send to your inbox (via Dynalist’s API). Dynawrite interestingly (as it is both a dynalist host and quick send app in one) can be set up to send your note to any list in your dynalist - I’m not sure how it achieve this, but it’s very handy. Unfortunately unlike their workflowy equivalent you can’t send to multiple locations (they only allow one inbox) but if you set Quick Dynalist up on your actual Dynalist inbox, you can set dynawrite up for a second location, and you then at least have two places you can quick send to.

Dynawrite also allows richer text entry than Quick dynalist, including dates and notes (but not colours / headers). Edit: for quick date adding in quick dynalist, it’s worth noting that it works with text expanding apps like ‘texpand’.

One more note about dynawrite - it is not very reliable if you set it up to ‘exit upon send’ - often the note will not send until you next open dynawrite. Instead, don’t use this option, and wait until the little ‘toast’ that comes up confirms the item has been sent before manually closing the app. With this approach I’ve had 100% reliability so far.

One more trick if you really want to have more locations at the moment is to set up another free dynalist account, with its own inbox and share the document with your main dynalist account - this can then be set up with a separate quick add via the android IFTTT app. I do this for a shared shopping list with my partner so I can currently quick add to three locations. Of course this can only be a separate document, not a specific list, as we can’t share these.

Final note: ‘Shortcut notifications’ is a nice android app which adds a permanent notification with a row of icons for quick access - I have dynalist, quick dynalist and dynawrite front and centre on here.

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Hey, thanks for advertising my quick dynalist app.

Actually in the newest version quick dynalist exposes items with frequently used items (nodes that have many children) as alternative entry points. I would prefer to list your bookmarks there (at least I personally would love that) as an alternative entry point .

The problem is that the official dynalist api does not expose your bookmarks - dyna write solves this by logging into dynalist using the unofficial backend. But this means that you can no longer log into your account with Google (technical reason: Google preventing to use Googles login with the Android web view).

So in fact I do have a development version of quick dynalist right now which does exactly that, but it fails with the go ogle login. And honestly, I’d rather have a nice api than some cookie grabbing hack.

In general I’d love to hear any thoughts about how to make quick dynalist better!

Hey Louis,

Thanks for your reply. The frequently used items is a nice idea, I didn’t realise you’d done this but I’ve just checked and none of them are places I would ever send anything to (they tend to be high level structural nodes for me) - maybe different for other people. Yes bookmarks would be amazing, but I totally get that we’re currently completely limited by the API. With what we’ve got, I think it’s pretty perfect at the moment - adding google assistant integration was nice, thanks a lot !

Just a note: I tend to use ‘texpand’ with quick dynalist to allow quick date inputs and emoticons etc - some entry fields don’t work with apps like this, so please don’t make any changes that would prevent this :slight_smile: … I suppose if you wanted to add your own ‘date adder’ with a drop down calendar that might be cool … but maybe it would start getting a bit bloated? I’m guessing adding ‘note’ content isn’t possible through the current API either?


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I thought about this, but I am not sure it would really be used much. For instance one could add a small button that just appends the date using a calendar dialog.

Actually, adding notes is possible.

In general, I could imagine having two Quick Dynalist launchers, one being the current dialog, and another being a larger full screen view with multiple options such as notes and dates. Thoughts?

For what it’s worth, we can also have a small intermediate feature where you can add this 📕 emoji or the tag #Inbox or #QuickDynalist to all your items that should be listed in the dropdown list as alternative entry points. It’s not very intuitive but a good workaround for now.

Hmm, just my preference but two different launchers wouldn’t be the way I’d go - maybe on the main ‘simple’ launcher, you could have an ‘advanced’ (or whatever) button which opens up the full screen view? If you’re adding dates and notes time is probably less of the essence anyway. I guess you could do both but I’ve not seen the two launchers for one relatively simple thing done before on android

Oooh, hold on I don’t quite understand - you could make it so that anything with the tag #quickdynalist (my preference, most intuitive / organised I think) could come up in the alternative send locations? Yes yes yes this would be amazing!! Would it work if the tag was in the note of the item (not the end of the world of course)?

Yeah, that actually sounds better.