Quick option to show / hide images

Dear Dynalist team,

Firstly, your implementation of inline images is fantastic … especially the copy and paste function … quite amazing actually. I was just wondering today however if there is there anything in the pipeline for a quick way to either show or not show images in line (they do sometimes make the screen quite cluttered so the option to alternate would be nice)? I know you have the hard option in the settings at the moment, but it would also fit so nicely in your current pop up menu for checked items and notes …

Thank you!



So if the option is set to “hidden”, the images will just disappear?

Actually I was just imagining it exactly like what happens when you flick the setting, but just more accessible (i.e. in the ‘Filter items’ menu along with ‘Show notes’ and ‘Show checked items’):

A keyboard shortcut would be amazing if possible too … alt + i doesn’t do anything as far as I’m aware? :slight_smile:

Got it!

Note to self: consider adding this once we allow blank shortcuts (customizable but don’t have a default).

EDIT: see What actions would you like to have a custom shortcut for?.