Hover to show image

Basically my dynalist page are all text based. but sometime some important image need to add into my dynalist page.

However, when I try to paste image into page. The whole page will become mess.
Is that able to create a feature that default is just one little icon. when your mouse hover on it. it will show full image

(PS. I know there is a button can show/hide note. but it not convenience enough)

In the end, thanks for dynalist developer team, you guys are awesome.
You really create a wonderful web-app! It change & organize my life!

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It may sound like a silly question, but did you check out this setting already?
Unchecking it will have the exact effect that you wantā€¦


@Fabio_Martins1 Thanks for your reply!!
I check lot of setting but ignore in the top of setting. Orzā€¦
Thanks for your reply. it help me a lot!