Quick Dynalist - The native Android app for Dynalist


What kind of functions are you thinking about? We could easily add a word count to this view.


Word count is the main feature. But I must admit, this would be more useful in the web version where most if the writing is done. Are you only focusing on the Android app?
For Android, it would be great to see the kind of dashboard features that are in @Piotr’s Powerpack3.


I haven’t touched the web version so far, and probably won’t do so in the near future. Maybe you can ask @Piotr to integrate a word counter.

I might take a look at the dashboard features. What feature specifically do you use often?


Items due today, or items with a specific hashtag, such as #urgent.


Mmm, eventually, widgets based on a search would be super epic


With filters based on date and tag like @Kevin_Murray suggested?


Yea, and ideally on multiple variables at once (both AND / OR). For me also colour would be great, but does the API give you access to colour?


To make the interface not too convoluted it would be good to have a few use cases where you would need and / or operators.

Unfortunately color is not available through the API. I would love to have it too, maybe @Shida can make that available at some point. Same goes for possibility to upload files.


So my basic daily search is “color:red OR within:-7d OR :star:” which shows me important, due, or reminder items relevant for today - but that includes a color, date and text search … the fourth variable I don’t happen to use much is tags but I guess others would want this - this actually isn’t high priority for me but I’m sure it would be nice for others – the most amazing thing would be to have fully search logic like Todoist allowing bracketed logic e.g. (within:0d AND :pushpin:) OR color:red which would show items which are red and items due today (which I use :pushpin: for), but not other items with a today tag - don’t know if thats possible though


I guess in principle full bracketed search logic is possible, but probably not necessary for 99% of all users and rather confusing for amateurs. :wink:

Maybe a single chain of ands or a single chain of ors should cover most use cases?


Yes, strings of ANDs and ORs would be sufficient in my case. The other dimension is sorting. I prefer drag and drop manual sort, but I presume in most cases it will be sort by date or colour.


Sorting is already included in the latest beta version. Waiting for the API change for the release.


Your widget is a good start. It could be useful for quick access to timely information. It will replace my Google Keep widget.


The widgets are awesome - having multiple different lists on one screen on mobile makes a huge difference to organisation for me. Great work louis!


That’s a great addition to Dynalist

As a brand new unpaid user (during 2-week trial period where pro is enabled), I have to ask a dumb question (since some of inbox features are apparently reserved for pro).

Does this work with free version of dynalist?


That’s a good question. I believe it does work, except your standard inbox. But you can always create new ones by adding #inbox or #quickdynalist to other items.

Let me know if you encounter issues.


@Stephen_Dewitt @Kevin_Murray I am a bit annoyed by the fact that widgets initialize at the top of the list and my lists are super long and have the most recent items at the end. I’m thinking of

a) adding an option to initialize the widget list scrolled to the bottom
b) adding an option to reverse the list order
c) adding a button for the widget to jump to the bottom

What is your opinion on the matter?


Is this just the default order used by Dynalist? I presume you could change it within Dynalist. But maybe I don’t get your issue.

Meanwhile, would it be possible to open Dynalist links in the app? Maybe this deep-linking is a matter of the Dynalist app itself, but it’s obviously preferable to the mobile browser, especially if offline.


Yeah, that’s fair. It is the default order. I guess I am just too used to having chronological order from top to bottom.

No, we can’t do this at the moment. This is an issue with the Dynalist app. See Handle Dynalist link in android app

Ultimately, I am trying to replace the original Dynalist Android app entirely. So if there are any features missing, I am happy to take that into account.


Hmmm I’m happy with how it is but I’m used to most recent at the bottom, and only use short lists within qd generally, but yea always happy to have an option to change the way things work.

In terms of replicating function, I’ve mentioned ‘move item’, which now I think would be really nice if it was linked to swiping in one direction (delete in the other direction, as now)

After that I’m pretty much happy :slight_smile: