Provide a Date/Time pane (a.k.a. Calendar or Agenda) view of outline items tagged with a @date/time dimension

I am currently evaluating migrating to

However, what is holding me back is the lack of a Calendar/Agenda view (a separate pane or separate window, side by side with my Outline view) of all items that are tagged with an @Date/Time dimension.

For example: in other similar applications, an item in the Outline view written as “change head lights on car @9/9 at 10am” also instantly appears in the Calendar/Agenda side by side pane/view beneath header WED SEP 13, beneath sub-header 10:00 a.m., as “change head lights on car @9/9 at 10am”

This date/time dimensional view of my outline was a brilliant innovation on the part of and why I migrated my data from workflowy to

Note that OmniFocus also provides a very similar Calendar/Agenda view which may be opened in a separate window side by side with the Outline/Projects view. Allowing a very similar setup.

Note, this is not just a bookmark that filters and displays a simple search view of any item that includes a @Date/Time tag or rather a !(Date/Time) tag. [1]

Rather, this needs to be a side by side view of the outline, and this view must be sorted and grouped by Date, Prioritization tag, quick Star/Fav, etc. i.e., Not just a simple search output view.

So, we apparently also need a multi-pane feature, multiple views of the outline in a single window (or separate desktop window), side by side, such as that provided by and OmniFocus, etc.

[1] WAT?

Why is there a @date and a !(date) tag option???

@9/2/2017 vs. !(2017-09-02)

!(date) seems so unnecessary. What is wrong with parsing date and time from “@date and time”?

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The answer is simple. If you think about it, if both date tags and normal tags share the @ symbol, the auto-complete system won’t know if what to show the moment you type @ – should it show all existing tags start with @ for you to auto-complete, or a datepicker?

And “@9/2/2017” is not ideal. What if you want to insert a time in that day? Spaces are not allowed in tags, so you’d probably end up with “@9/2/2017 2pm” which is a tag plus “2pm” as regular text. Or we could invent a special format like “@9/2/2017-2pm” but I think that’s not user friendly to force users to remember an arbitrary format and use it.

If you have a proposed solution to solve the two problems above, that would be great. But honestly it’s a bit too late now as dates as been used like this for more than a year and this is the first time we’ve received complaints about the format itself. Frankly I don’t think we’re changing it.

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It’s not quite what you are looking for @C.Su, but the Powerpack 2 by @Piotr has an agenda dashboard that works well for me. You can order dated items chronologically. Just search the forum for it.

I’d love a feature to show all dated items in one view! A few related thoughts:

  • Toggle whether or not search results are separated by document or all aggregated together (it could be an additional search operator or something)
  • Option to sort search results, or to sort items in a document, like by date and alphabetically

Those two features (which would be super useful in themselves) would result in a great agenda view when combined. :slight_smile:

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You can do all that with Powerpack 2. Give it a try. It’s brilliant.

It would be great to search by a selected creation date. This would thus show a history of a particular day.

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