Propædia, an outline of all possible human knowledge


Propædia was basically a logical framework of all human knowledge which also serves as the contents of the 15th edition of Encyclopædia Britannica, one of the greatest encyclopedia before Wikipedia’s time.

Read more about this simply amazing outline:ædia

Credit for data source:


This is so interesting! Did you type all that yourself… o_o


Of course not! :wink:

I got the data from the BRITexplorer site (link included above) and used a Python script to process it so it can be directly pasted into Dynalist.


Thought sooooooo :grin:


It seems like Android can’t handle the sheer amount of content.

Everything should be collapsed by default right? If you only open one section at a time, it should be fine.

When I opened it on the desktop, that wasn’t the case, as I had to collapse them myself.

It didn’t even load the page on Android.

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That’s weird… I tried in incognito and it looks fine. Maybe it’s because you’re logged into Dynalist?

We might have just discovered a bug here. :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried it in Incognito and it worked just fine. Only the point about religion was expanded.

I also tried it in Incognitio (well, called “Private Tab” in the Brave Browser) and it was all collapsed. But when opening in a regular tab (as you mentioned, because I’m logged in?) everything was expanded as well.


Thanks for verifying the bug. Looks like we just accidentally found a bug. :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like nobody is going to talk about the document I spent hours making from now on… :crying_cat_face: /kidding

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In that case, which topic is the one you realllllyyyy want to learn about and really fascinates you (one that you don’t know all that much about)?

For me it would be the History of Mankind. I’ve already copied this doc to my Dynalist and I’m gonna check things off as I learn about them :slight_smile:

So thanks :wink:

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That’s very clever.

Ah, I thought Python took care of all of it.

This is great!

But why is everything uncollapsed by default? It makes it to messy and difficult to load.

I believe it should be everything collapsed by default so you can just see the main 8 categories as a home, and from there just open and navigate the subcategories that you are interested in.

That’s where I find it really weird… I see everything collapsed in a new incognito window.

What were/are you viewing the Dynalist in?

It’s expanded if I open it in a new tab. But collapsed if I open it in a private tab. It seems to be somehow based on your existing dynalist session (even though I don’t have it open in my browser, I still have a session since I’m logged into the desktop client and it didn’t need my credentials


I opened it in a new tab in Chrome running on OSX on a MacBook pro and it displays everything uncollapsed :frowning:
The same happens when opening “Useful Mental Models” and other lists that were posted in the “Share & Showcase” section.

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Thanks for that info! It’s definitely strange; hopefully @Shida and @Erica will get to the root of the issue and fix it.

  • important to note that this is outdated info

the ontology or topics or w/e you wanna call it

the source is not leading edge