Problems installing linux version on a chromebook



I’m not familiar with linux so I may be being dumb but I have done a fair amount of searching and trying different techniques and I am still failing to install dynalist’s linux app on my chromebook.
(I’m very keen to get offline access on my chromebook)

I tried following this on how to install dynalist for linux: “After you’ve downloaded the tar.gz file, open it, then right-click and extract the folder that’s inside, to a place where it won’t bother you, nor be accidentally deleted.
Now that you’ve done that, open the folder and simply click on “Dynalist” and it should open the app without requiring anything else.”
… but no luck. I just got “This file type is not supported” when I clicked on Dynlaist.

Looking for specific info on installing linux apps on a chromebook I found a few suggestions -

  • use a .deb file (I couldn’t find one)
  • typing " sudo apt-get install dynalist" - no luck
  • or installing Gnome software Centre - doesn’t seem to have Dynalist.

Any help very much appreciated.


Assuming your Chromebook supports Linux apps, you should be able to do tar -zxvf file.tar.gz on the command line to unzip it. As far as I know, it’s a portable installation, and it’s just a matter of unzipping it. .tar.gz is not an executable file format.

Does that help?


Thank you for the response.
I have managed to unzip it. The problem comes in then running it.
I have tried clicking on the file named “dynalist” as suggested in this post How to “install” the Linux Beta (from a while ago)

But I just get the error message saying “file type not supported.”

(My chromebook does support linux - it’s an HP X2)


Thank you for the reply!

@Shida: could you take a look at this and see what went wrong please?


Could you please try to run it using the command line? I just want to make sure that our build is runnable on your processor.

Once you’re in the directory of the unzipped folder, run ./dynalist


Hi Shida

I’ve just given that a try and got this message:

./dynalist: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

does that help at all?


So according to the forums on the internet, it seems like somehow your linux is missing some shared libraries that should have been installed?

I also read that you can solve the problem by manually installing libnss3-dev (I’m guessing with yum or apt-get).


I think the default container on a chromebook is debian; if that’s true then the command should be:

sudo apt install libnss3-dev


Thank you Shida and Craig for your suggestions. They seem to have helped things along but not fully solved the issue.

I now get the following response in the terminal:

Logging to /home/timjwebber/.config/Dynalist/dynalist/dynalist-2019-5-3-17-40-19.log
Platform: linux
App path is: /home/timjwebber/dynalist-1.0.4/resources/
Data path is: /home/timjwebber/.config/Dynalist/dynalist
[App] /home/timjwebber/dynalist-1.0.4/dynalist
[App] App running, version 1.0.4
[Updater] Checking for updates…
[Loader] Trying to load main file from /home/timjwebber/.config/Dynalist/dynalist/packages/dynalist-1.1.20.asar/main.js
[Loader] Executing main function
Dynalist loading /home/timjwebber/.config/Dynalist/dynalist/packages/dynalist-1.1.20.asar
[Updater] Done checking for updates.

Then it just hangs…

I have tried looking around for suggestions to see if there was another library that may have been missing and tried a few things but no luck there. Any further suggestions would be welcome.