Problematic keyboard shortcuts for Spanish Latin American layout


There are problematic keyboard shortcuts using Dynalist with the Spanish Latin American keyboard layout because basic symbols in the English US layout are not reachable in the Spanish Latin American one unless using modifier keys (SHIFT or Alt-Gr which is Alt+Ctrl). These symbols are square brackets [], the grave accent `, and the slash /.

###Shortcuts affected
The main shortcuts that are affected are the zoom-in, zoom-out, zoom-in previous item and zoom-in next item with the brackets, the format as code for the grave accent, and the toggle help with the slash.

I replaced the shortcuts with similar keys, either by position or by symbol.

For the square brackets, I used the curly brackets keys, since the square brackets are the shift-modified key in that layout. For the grave accent, I used the vertical pipe since that is the key left of the number 1. And for the slash I used the shift+7 key since that is where the slash is located.

zoom-in: ctrl+{
zoom-out: ctrl+}
zoom in previous item: ctrl+shift+{
zoom in next item: ctrl+shift+}
format as code: ctrl+|
toggle help: ctrl+shift+7

Since I have a few days of free Dyanlist Pro, I set these shortcuts up by pressing the above keys and symbols in the keymap settings section and they show up as the following in the keymap UI:

zoom-in: "ctrl+/"
zoom-out: "ctrl+QUOTE"
zoom in previous item: "ctrl+shift+QUOTE"
zoom in next item: "ctrl+shift+/"
format as code: "ctrl+"
toggle help: “ctrl+shift+7”


It would be great to have a Spanish Latin America layout option in the input preferences options for Dyanlist in order to be able to use basic keyboard shortcuts for zooming in and out without having to have a PRO account.

Keyboard Layouts for reference

English US layout
Spanish Latin America layout


Windows. Chrome. Latest Dynalist version as of 15-DEC-17.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue!

This should be usable starting next week, since we accidentally broke it when reworking the shortcuts. German layout has the same issue as yours, so after it’s fixed you can choose the “German” option in the keyboard layout setting and it should be fine.

Would that solve the issue for you? I’ll check back after the next release when zooming in and out are at least usable.