[pro] Shared docs should have shared attachment links

I have an adobe indesign catalog doc that I make revisions to for marketing. I have to send this document to my printshop. My printshop does some basic Q/A for me. My doc is 100 pages long. They can’t really go through all 100 pages everytime and find what’s been changed. So I need a public-facing changelog. Dynalist works good here but I have some issues

  • By default I like having all my attachments unshareable. But it would be nice if all attachments created/linked on a specific shared doc were viewable. So they can click a link and see a PDF with some notes on it.

We would like that too.

But the current upload model works like this: when you upload, you get a link to insert anywhere. You can use it in multiple places, or don’t use it at all, it’s totally up to you.

The method is flexible, with the downside that we have no knowledge which files are included in which documents, unless we search your documents every ten minutes and update the permission of the uploaded file… which isn’t an elegant solution.

Toggling visibility on a per-file basis might be able to solve this too?