[Pro] Recurring tasks


Came here to voice my interest in recurring tasks. I am experimenting with using Dynalist as my GTD task manager and would like to set up recurring tasks for things that I do on a regular basis.


Hi Folks, yes repeating tasks would be very useful and really helps manage the todo list like nature of some of list people create in Dynalist.


Dear all,
Is there any date to have this feature available?
It’s a key factor to consider for me

Thank you


No specific date that we can tell, sorry!

It will be implemented when higher priority bug fixes and features have been done.


Hi Erica,

Love the weekly of the updates by te team but missing new BIG Features like Repeatings tasks almost an year waiting for this, please give it priority.

Thank you


Is it me but i find that this year nothing BIG as new Feature is coming to DynalistHQ, you guys still Rock are you preparring something big and will we see this after your semi vacation.
Love to use the tool, but on my iPhone and iPad i can use still an better UX despite the latest fixes and tweaks.


Yeah, we have been working on API before and during the semi-vacation.

But you’re right, recurring task is definitely another important feature that we should work on next! :slight_smile:


Hi Erica,

I only was looking at the Milestones in Q1 and Q2 in 2018 looks from the Outside that there less Development in new Stuff compare to 2017 Q1 en Q2…

Looking forward to your API and hopefully it make recurring tasks possible in this year, this feature is holding me to completly uses DynalistHQ as my main GTD System plus an native iOS version is also very handy for getting more people using it properly on Mobile


Hey guys, is there any update to this feature?


Yep Really like to know if this Next Big Pro feature after release of the API,this important to use the App as my GTD Task Management Replacement



Would also really like to have this feature.

For me personally this is a feature that makes Pro sub a very sensible buy.


No updates yet, sorry, but we’re considering doing this soon, after the API alpha release and maybe after sorting functionality.

Stay tuned!


Hi Erica,

Looking forward to the API and what this mean for possibilities for us as user and hopefully than will room to develop an trick to make repeating tasks work well in DynalistHQ

Have a nice weekend



Have you considered using the TaskPaper format? It allows any tag to have a value, so it can handle just about any use case and is easily extensible.

You could add tags for:

  • @repeat(next date) - e.g. @repeat(Monday,Wednesday,Friday)
  • @repeat(duration offset) - e.g. @repeat(+2 weeks)
  • @due(date)
  • @start(date)
  • @duration(minutes)
  • @repeat-from-complete

You could still use the exclamation mark for date tags if you wanted to keep the existing format: !start(date), !due(date), !repeat(date), etc.

For example, here’s a repeating tasks implementation that I built for TaskPaper:

- repeat next March 20th at 7pm @due(2018-03-15 19:00) @repeat(March 20 7pm)
- repeat every weekday @start(2018-03-20) @repeat(Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday)
- repeat 2 weeks after the start date @start(2018-03-15) @due(2018-03-20) @repeat(+2 weeks)


Really like to see such implementation works with Dynalist…


Wow, recurrence from the completion date would be so great.
I have been always missing this feature in other apps for personal tasks like haircut or household chores.
For example, I have a haircut scheduled for every 5 weeks on Sat, but sometimes I can defer it for more than a week and have it on Wed.
In this scenario I want the scheduler to remind me about the next haircut not earlier than in five weeks after the last completion date and again exactly on Sat (i.e. not on Wed).
This usage is in line with the “Call Father” example from the orgmode manual discussed above.


I literally built an app for myself to do this functionality since it fits so poorly with most calendar/reminder services. I would love to replace my homebrew app with Dynalist if this gets built. I’ve also had friends want to use my app for the same purpose, and I could direct them to Dynalist instead.


I don’t see anywhere a description of this feature.

  1. How do you mark a task as being recurring?
  2. What happens when it recurs?
  3. Does it copy the item? To where?
  4. Does it copy when you mark completed, and apply a new date?
  5. Does it copy instead at a certain day?
  6. Is it merely “Add to GCal a recurring item”?
  7. If it’s an add to GCal, does editing it edit GCal, and removing remove from GCal?

I myself am interested in feature 4, but without the dating aspect.


Good questions. We don’t have a description of this feature, as we haven’t figured it out yet.

We usually don’t have a specification set in stone, not until the last minute. That way we can learn as much as we can :slight_smile:


For anyone interested in this feature, please head over to the new survey & discussion thread over at: