[Pro] Recurring tasks

Moved from Trello; you can vote for this feature and see past discussion at https://trello.com/c/2jvhpLQT/140-pro-recurring-tasks.


I am really surprised that this doesn’t have more likes.
I am very new to dynalist but this seems critical to creating a useful way to handle recurring tasks.
The tasks I would need to track do not reoccur based on the same time periods so doing a simple day/week/month hierarchy and resetting it manually doesn’t really fit the bill.

I suppose you could just use a calendar program - but that isn’t the way I would prefer to organize most of my tasks for a variety of reasons.


The forum is relatively new, and the feature does have a bunch of votes on Trello: Trello

I totally agree. I personally would find recurring tasks very useful as well. Definitely see it as a future addition to Dynalist :slight_smile:

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Now that we have Google Calendar integration, this would be more useful :slight_smile:.


So hopefully development hasn’t reached a point where it is now inflexible to suggestions. Before release, I would suggest developing the recurrience functionality to a level that is robust enough to meet all the various users needs. For instance, I would definitely release recurrence from completion date option as well as from the more vanilla due date. Maybe start and end date for recurrences. Also, it would be nice to see recurrence options such as ‘first/second/third thursday each mo’ and other more colorful options.

Another kind of cool feature which I have only seen once from another task management platform would be an ‘optional’ choice for the item. So if the item has a date, and you get to the date, it will complete itself when it surpasses the due date and passes into overdue. It would be more for items where you want to see it approaching and reminding you of it, but if you don’t complete or don’t catch it no big deal, cause it checks itself. For example, an upcoming concert, hey you missed it, but you don’t have to go into your overdue and check it off it takes care of itself. Another example would be that you could use it for recurring items too, like say a show that happens once a week, so maybe you miss a week, but it completed itself and moved it forward to the next week. I thought this was nice because it removes alot of overhead maintenance when you miss the types of items that you are fine with just pushing themselves forward.


I suggest to implement the possibility to distinguish two types of recurrence:

  • Repeat from Due Date
  • Repeat from Completion Date

Tell us a bit more about this use case?

Say I have a task “Vacuum” recurring every 7 days, scheduled for Sat. Sat passes and I don’t vacuum until Thu. Repeat from complete will reschedule for the following Thu, and not in 2 days on Sat.


This is how it works in Toodledo, the task manager I am currently using:

  • Repeat from due date means that if I set a task to recur every 30 days, for example, it will recur every 30 days since the due date, independently from when I complete it.
  • Repeat from completion date means that if I complete the task 3 days after the due date (for example), the task will recur 30 days after I have completed it, not after the due date – or, in this case, 33 days after due date.

Thanks for the advice, @snow_carver and @Luigi!

That does seem like two common use cases, which we’ll definitely keep in mind when designing it in the future.

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Google calendar has a very nice feature. example I try to use on-line banking for all my bills. My comcast, vz, utilites, vary a bit. So I set up an auto pay to pay for roughly that amount and my online account pays. I will reconcile this once a year on +,-. Difficulty was posting auto pays to my expense system. I set up a gdoc with all the estimated payments. Then in gcal I set up a recurring event (recurs once of month) . once a month I am reminded to post these bills. works for me (YMMV) Incidentally I do use gcal for all reminders of future events. Caveat… I adhere to a “minimum” email inbox protocol.

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Another person hoping this can be implemented so I can drop Apple’s Reminders app

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Please add recurring tasks with repeat after complete option.

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Mind elaborating a bit? Like it will automatically uncomplete itself and move the date to the next one?

I could see it working something like this:

  • :black_square_button: My task !(2017-08-09) +daily

When I check off “My Task”, it completes but then the app creates a sibling task with the new date:

  • :ballot_box_with_check: My task !(2017-08-09) +daily
  • :black_square_button: My task !(2017-08-10) +daily

:heart: http://orgmode.org/manual/Repeated-tasks.html :heart:

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Looks good and in line with that we’ve been imagining as well.

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Came here to voice my interest in recurring tasks. I am experimenting with using Dynalist as my GTD task manager and would like to set up recurring tasks for things that I do on a regular basis.


Hi Folks, yes repeating tasks would be very useful and really helps manage the todo list like nature of some of list people create in Dynalist.

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Dear all,
Is there any date to have this feature available?
It’s a key factor to consider for me

Thank you