Presentation Mode

It would be cool to integrate Dynalist with a JavaScript-based presentation software like reveal.js. I often draft presentations on Dynalist and then copy these outlines to a presentation software.

It would be awesome to right-click on a top-level item and then start presenting :smiley:


lists are and should be the presentation – Unique Use Case | Auto-Generate a Tabbed List From Any Blocks of Text

maybe you have innovative solutions to making the presenatation of lists better in a life of insane excess

do you have any? please tell me about it

and then make it happen

that would be 1000x cooler :smiley:

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It’s a cool idea! People would have different understanding of how this mode would work though.

For example, what should appear as a slide, each top level item or 2nd level item? What to do if a slide cannot contain everything? All questions we need to figure out :slight_smile:

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Right now, if I want to do a presentation I first create an outline in Dynalist, then do a bunch of RegEx find/replace commands to import it into Deckset. Or, if I’m feeling lazy, I use Dropbox Paper which has a half-decent presentation mode. It would be great if I could just keep everything in Dynalist and do the presentation directly from there. I also think this would be a killer “pro” feature that might encourage many people who are holding out to get pro subscriptions.

To answer @Erica’s questions: I imagine it working something like this:

  • All 2nd level items start a new slide, with sub items as bullet list.
  • Any item with a note are a new slide: item as title, sub items as block quote
  • All items with images are a new slide: making the image a separate slide, with the text - or note - as caption.
  • If an item is too long to fit, it starts a new slide, or gets broken into multiple slides.

I know from using tools like reveal.js and Deckset that it is fairly easy to adapt to these conventions. So once Dynalist specifies its own approach users will be able to prepare their outlines accordingly.


I wrote a script to convert the plain text export with spaces to a remark presentation.

You need to have installed.
It uses under the hook.

Just paste the exported text into stdin:


Very cool!

If I were you I would definitely post this to the “Share & Showcase” category so it gives more love and attention! :smiley:

Just wanted to revive this old thread - I’d love it if Dynalist had a presentation mode!

Similar to @Kerim’s answer I think it could operate something like;

  1. All 2nd level items start a new slide
  2. The text value of the 2nd level item becomes the title for that slide
  3. 2nd level item comments become the speaker notes for that slide
  4. 3rd level items become the content/body for the slide and are presented as text separated by line breaks, images can be rendered here inline with some meta attributes to control their size
  5. 4th level items become dot points for 3rd level items
  6. Left/Right arrows control moving through the slide

+1 to that!

I would love to see this item on so I could vote.

Again: more different views for the greater good! That’s the killer feature of the app!

For me it would be enough that the presentation mode has:

  • the usual layout and behavior of Dynalist
  • full-screen
  • larger font
  • omit everything that is in description, and show it only in a duplicated and synchronized window/tab

What do you think about that?

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