Best way to create Slides working with Dynalist


I’m working to find a good workflow to create slides, using dynalist as an outlay for my presentation.
I mainly teach and want to use dynalist as place to store/arrange/adjust my lectures (since dynalist super fast/good^^)

Is anyone else using dynalist to manage lectures?

Not sure, what my workflow is going to be and looking for inspirations/ideas/experiences :slight_smile:

Current Ideas

  • Layout Presentation (the steps/point) in dynalist and then copy/pasta to keynote/powerpoint/googleslides/slidebean/haikudeck/etc.
    Might be cumbersome, but dynalist seems for me the best place to arrange quickly steps/ideas

  • Layout Presentation in dynalist and then try to automate somehow to deckset (a mac automated slide creator using markdown text), like described here Presentation Mode
    But it don’t seem to be easy/me not having good regex skills/scriptings skills… (more a video guy…)

  • Skip dynalist and go straight to powerpoint/keynote/etc and make everything there

  • Skip dynalist and powerpoint/etc and go directly to a markdown text format and use deckset directly

Anyone have had this situation and has any ideas/experiences?

Is maybe something planned from dynalist to share the list visually pleasing using slides?
Deckset might be close, since it uses markdown to generate slides

What would you suggest?
I want to create many mini-lectures, using pictures that might get adjusted over time

Thank you so much for any advice :slight_smile:

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I would choose your first bullet point. Plan your slides, make all the text for your talk, and then make minimalist slides from your content. In most contexts the actual slides should be a fraction of your talk.

Thank you!
Normally I would do it totally like that.
It’s just I need to teach people steps that needs to be broken down in very detail.
So I might have the need to change my slides at points, that weren’t that clear to the learners.

My situation is more, that I might to change a lot in the details and I need a Place where I can store my specific topics without losing focus…

Is it a good idea btw. to upload pictures do dynalist and to be able to download them later for specific use?
thank you so much :slight_smile:

Hello. I assume that your needs have not received full functional answers on Dynalist.
Personally, I am discovering the power of designing slideshows in Markdown, via
What would be great would be to be able to directly design slides in markdown in Dynalist. That’s not possible yet, is it?

thank you for replying and sharing - it looks quite interesting.
And also showing that I am not alone with this :smile:

Yes, that is my goal as well,
to create slideshow using Markdown (maybe even R+? But I really don’t know it well yet…)
So Markdown would be awesome.

I feel it shouldn’t be that hard of a challenge to implement such a export-feature in dynalist, since it already has export features, that are almost there…

But I have very little knowledge about things like that - so might be totally wrong there :sweat_smile:

I think there needs to put in some thought on how exactly it will be converted and small details.

But I feel this would be an awesome usecase for dynalist.
To also become an excellent tool for creating slideshow in combination with tools like deckset and/or
and really streamline it

I wanted to work on the holidays more on that,
in the hope I could present that support - and maybe the might consider to actually implement something like that :blush:

If you happen to put in some thought yourself already, please feel free to share

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