Powerpack fail in Opera--working normallyjust a few hours earlier (mid-day Sunday 16th)

Steps to reproduce

Attempt to open PowerPack via lighting bolt icon as usual.

Expected result

Powerpack options appear

Actual result

See screenshot, the 0.14 lines just keep on churning down the page. Which is weird because I am sure I am at version two since it first became available.


Mac OS latest, Dynalist latest, Opera latest version 46.0.2597.46 stable.

Things working normally under chrome.

Additional information

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Additional comments

Dynalist had big changes in their code and this script is not working anymore. This one should work Powerpack 2

Hi @Fred,

Could you please post PowerPack issues to its own category next time? That way Piotr can more easily easily (he gets a notification). Also because the bug category is intended to be a place to report bugs of Dynalist itself.