Powerpack: Cannot access

Yesterday it worked today it doesn’t. I want to make a change to how divider line presents. I go to the powerpack control (hamburger right upper corner) and click OPEN POWERPACK SETTINGS and nothing happens. Powerpack changes still appear. (borders, pop-ups etc) but I cannot enter the add-on to make needed changes. @piotr? Anyone? BTW Mac just updated itself overnight. Related at all maybe?

Could have to do something with a recent comment from Shida.

But for me it still work so I am no sure. Are you using the desktop app or the Webapp? I think @Piotr is not working on the Powerpack anymore.

Thanks for the heads-up Phillip. At least I know I didn’t break something.

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Yeah we’re working on some engine changes in preparation for WYSIWYG integration, and I’m attempting to work with Powerpack’s author but I haven’t had a reply for about a month already.

There’s a lot of code cleanup that is nice to be done regardless. This also means we’ll be integrating WYSIWYG onto a clean codebase for the new year. And in the meantime we’re still working on regular bugfixes and minor feature updates.

I’m really sorry for these breaking changes and I really hope we can get Powerpack back in working order soon.

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Powerpack 3 still seems to be working for me.

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