Powerpack 3

I may not be representative. I use Powerpack 2 because I’m using Firefox. And the only feature of Powerpack that I use is code highlighting of code snippets. As soon as this is implemented more natively, I won’t be needing Powerpack at all. :smile:

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I’m using Powerpack 3, Shida. Thank you!

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You can use PP3 in Firefox as well. Just paste the script in Tampermonkey and it should work. I don’t know if everything works but at least for me it does :slightly_smiling_face:

I am happy that here is some work done on Dynalist. On the other hand I really rely on some Powerpack features. I use multiple panes, workspaces and separators every day. I really hope there is a way to maintain it.


I just took a look at the script and realized, that this is monster of a script with >50k lines of code, apparently consisting of anonymous functions and no documentation.

@Shida How hard will it be to patch it?

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I think it shouldn’t be too bad if it mostly involves some search and replace. Last I checked, Powerpack 3 has grouped together most of the internal Dynalist functions so most of it is in one place.

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Good to hear, thanks!

The code by the link seems to be a minified/compressed version, is there an Github repo or some-such with original source ?


Also curious about this.

I can work on minified source if it’s just a few search & replace for dynalist internal functions, but having access to original source would be much better.


need help, somehow i’m always getting this when trying to open Powerpack settings

userscript.html?id=1b74d109-4d15-45db-90cb-09dfe7593fa8:16 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'map' of undefined
    at eval (userscript.html?id=1b74d109-4d15-45db-90cb-09dfe7593fa8:16)
    at w (userscript.html?id=1b74d109-4d15-45db-90cb-09dfe7593fa8:16)
    at Generator.eval [as _invoke] (userscript.html?id=1b74d109-4d15-45db-90cb-09dfe7593fa8:16)
    at Generator.e.<computed> [as next] (userscript.html?id=1b74d109-4d15-45db-90cb-09dfe7593fa8:16)
    at r (userscript.html?id=1b74d109-4d15-45db-90cb-09dfe7593fa8:16)
    at eval (userscript.html?id=1b74d109-4d15-45db-90cb-09dfe7593fa8:16)

This is very disturbing to hear. This could be a game changer for me. I don’t believe that those of us who have enthusiastically used PP3 will have the rug pulled from under us–at least not all at once and not completely. Please be as specific as possible in advance of which PP features will break in the coming weeks, and when / if they will be replaced by elements of the new legitimate DL code. And while you’re baking something new, ROAM RESEARCH’s tool with bidirectional links and other internal networking features is tempting me more and more, but I’d hope to re-up Pro account when it comes due next year. Watching all this with guarded optimism.

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I can understand the concern/frustration, Fred. On the other hand, it also seems unreasonable to hold the developer accountable for backwards compatibility with an entirely custom/hacked front-end. DOM elements, APIs, etc. There’s no easy solution AFAIK. We can’t have our cake and eat it, too, all the time. Amazing to see such proactive communication in advance, in my opinion.

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We’re looking at a major codebase mass rename in order to keep a consistent naming convention. On top of that, several modules would have functions moved or changed for better internal organization.

We’re hoping we can gain access to the original source for Powerpack so we can patch up anything that changes, but there has been no response from Piotr.

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That’s a pity. Hopefully @Piotr will respond.

Given that sorting is now included in the app, there are for me some key functions that would be missed.

  1. The use of agenda for reviews involving due date and tags that indicated weekly and monthly goals
  2. The workspaces menu along the top of the screen that triggers these agendas and offers one-click access to bookmarked items.
  3. Dual panes for tracking progress during the day (though switching panes can be awkward)

So Powerpack provides an important supplement for daily, weekly and monthly reviews. It will be missed.


For 1 I don’t understand perhaps you could explain? For 2 and 3 there are workarounds.

2. Shortcuts to due items

  • Add shortcuts to bookmarks in the bookmarks bar of your browser or to the top of you dynalist documents

3. Dual panes:
The Vivaldi browser has the feature built in. I regularly have 4 dynalists in one “tab” split in 4 columns

Plugins for chrome based browsers(I have not tried any of these):

  • Tabscissors
  • Splitview
  • Tab Resize
  • Tile Tabs WE

Allan I recommend you read this intro PDF which is pure gold:

I see, the free intro chapter to How to Take Smart Notes which is a text related to the Zettelkasten technique.

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Is this extension still actively supported? I am using Dynalist 1.3.0. I just want to make sure before I invest a lot of time in it. It looks very useful!

I just answered my own question by scrolling back through all the posts. It looks like the last time @Piotr posted here was May 2019.

Next question: how do I uninstall PP3?

Which way did you install it? GreaseFork or the Dev Console way?

Hi, I don’t know if it still works, but if anyone is interested, there is the code: https://github.com/panpiotrs/DynalistPowerpack

But beware that this code was never meant to be public, the quality is bad, I was learning new stuff doing that, there are ugly hacks all around, there are some things that I started, but never finished. Overall it’s a mess.