Powerpack 3


I added an option (pp settings → workspaces) to remove all elements when switching


The functionality of Audio players is really useful for language learners.

Is it possible to support more languages, e.g. Swedish?


It might depends on your browser/system, I have 41 different languages

#speak|sv-SE Enkla etiska och politiska frågor fick uppenbarligen inte lika enkla och tydliga svar.

you can look for codes for different languages in PP settings under Audio Players header, there is the list



Previously I didn’t find the option for Swedish, so I thought it was not supported.

Now it works like a charm!

Thanks a lot.

Edit: One thing very strange is that the text to speech functionality didn’t work on the desktop version (on Windows 10) for me. I didn’t see any languages in the list, and the Swedish was read as English.


Maybe Dynalist devs use different settings for different platforms, it works for me in Mac app the same as in Chrome.


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll use it in Chrome then.


Hi there!
I am fairly new to Dynalist, so please excuse this pretty obvious question, but do you/we know if Dynalist is actively working towards your implementations or is there going to be a day, where all my notes will be messed up. There are just so many great features I want to try out. It’s hard to stay away.




no, they’re doing things in different way.
What do you mean by “messed up”? You can remove powerpack tags from some big document by saving your note as opml in .txt file and use some text editor to search and replace (remove) them. After that you can paste your note again. Maybe they even implement search and replace in Dynalist one day.
Other than that I don’t think your notes could be messed up by using these features.


Thank you for your quick reply. Maybe “messed up” wasn’t the right phrase. I am just trying to wrap my head around the PP and how it works. Thanks again! I will definitely try it out now.


Hey Plotr, I’m very impressed with Powerpack, especially for the Agenda and workspace functions. But I’ve noticed that many of the pop-ups from links are now blank, such as Google Calendar. Is there a workaround for that?


No, this can be blocked by websites owners and there is nothing I can do. For Google Calendar you can modify and use this link https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=XXX%40gmail.com&ctz=Europe%2FWarsaw
change xxx to your gmail login, and change timezone or remove this part &ctz=Europe%2FWarsaw


I have a follow-up question regarding this text-to-speech functionality. Is it possible to read multiple items with just one #speak label?

For a new language learner, sometimes one might want to listen to several words or sentences that are not in the same item at once. But it would be a little inconvenient to put a #speak label for every item.

So I am wondering if it is possible to read an item with the #speak label, as well as its sub items? It would be even wonderful if one can choose which sub items to read.


I’m sorry, but I have no plans to extend current functionality of this feature.


Try https://dictation.io/ for text-to-speech. It uses Google so it’s arguably the best. The site is mainly speech-to-text but there is an option that reads the text back to you.


Thanks for you help. I’ll give it a try.


Piotr, thank you so much for this great extension!

I especially love the agenda. But there seems to be one filter missing for filtering out checked items. Am I correct?

Thanks again - Haimar


“item” “is checked”
you can leave it empty to select only checked items or write false into input to select only non checked items


BTW. Never say never, but I’m afraid this is the end of me working on new features for Powerpack. I migrated to Zettelkasten method (which require different software) to organize everything in my digital life. I will try to maintain PP if there will be some breaking changes in Dynalist code, but as I’m barely using it now, it can take more time than before.


Sorry to hear. On the other hand, who am I to diss Luhmann.

Thanks for your answer regarding the agenda filter, I will try that.

  • Haimar


That’s a great shame. I am quite dependent on Agenda and Workspaces for my daily workflow. I guess that’s the downside of community-driven resources. Maybe @Thor_Adam it’s possible to think of integrating some of these features into Dynalist?
So @Piotr, what are you using for Zettelkasten?