Powerpack 3


Thank you!
The standart-shortcut for “capture to inbox” was ctrl+shift+i so it didn’t work the first time I tried it.
Another question: The agenda-tab works like a charm. Atm it only shows my one Calendar. Is there a way to show all Google-Calendars I have? And I assume I cannot login into my Google Account in the Dekstop App?

I can’t thank you enough for you work.


You’re welcome :slight_smile:
Adding ability to search in more than primary calendar is on my todo list.
Unfortunately GCal can’t work on desktop app without native integration.


Allright looking forward to it! :+1:


Oh, I found a way to make GCal work on desktop app :slight_smile: I’ll finish spaced repetition system and then update this stuff


Wow, you are the man! Good job! I am using your extension since yesterday and I am hyped. :wink:


The new extension is great! I’m using it since a couple of days. Just wondering whether there is any way to extend the agenda search to include checklists (like it is for colors, headings etc). Are there technical limitations why this is not included?


You mean ability to search for items with/without checkboxes? Probably because I’m not using them. It should be possible, I’ll look into it.


I think the code highlighting feature might be broken. The code block is rendered only in the default code color, without any highlighting.

The langauge identifier at the beginning of the code block does disappear upon rendering, which makes me believe I have enabled the feature alright, and I have disabled all custom CSS modifications.

Can anyone confirm this, or does it work for everyone else?


It was, already fixed, I will release with other stuff soon


I just realized that it is possible to start Piotr’s Powerpack from within Dynalist. Just add this bookmarklet-like link and voila:

[Start Powerpack 3](javascript:$('head').append('<script src="https://greasyfork.org/scripts/369661-dynalist-powerpack-3/code/Dynalist%20Powerpack%203.user.js"></script>'))

Works from within the Desktop and web apps.

EDIT: Would be cool to have this at some prominent place in the “Powerpack Database” file.


Thank you very much for your work on this extension. How can I use multi-line code blocks/snippets as I have seen other users post? I wasn’t able to find this information in the user guides, unfortunately.



But it’s currently not highlighting due to my silly mistake in latest version. I have a fix, but I still need to test other things before release, 2 weeks max.


Your great discovery @Christoph_Weniger works also on mobile browsers (at least opera on android can easily handle it).
It’s not ideal now, because the UI is different, but things like text highlighting, custom css, popups and sorting are working already well and I will try to make other things at least useable :ok_hand: I made some huuuuge improvements in the meantime, powerpack now has practically zero impact on Dynalist performance and RAM usage, no matter how big documents you have (I will release it in this week, I promise :stuck_out_tongue: ).


Looking forward to it. Thank you! :+1: Couldn’t imagine using Dynalist without Powerpack anymore :slight_smile:



I will try to find some time in the next week to write more in the guides, but for now it must be enough, explore by yourself or wait for more :slight_smile:


I look forward to taking this for a stroll :walking_man:


Is it possible to activate this powerpack via a [link](javascript:) item instead of installing TamperMonkey?

EDIT: haha Christoph_Weniger had the exact same idea just a few posts up. Just saw it. nice.

EDIT EDIT: the javascript link doesn’t work for me :frowning: are you using Chrome?


Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera, Safari, Dynalist desktop app
It’s not working in Firefox (via link & tampermonkey too) and I don’t have Windows to check Edge


[Start Powerpack 3](javascript:$('head').append('<script src="https://greasyfork.org/scripts/369661-dynalist-powerpack-3/code/Dynalist%20Powerpack%203.user.js"></script>'))
doesn’t work in my chrome

other bookmarkets in [text](javascript:) format work tho, maybe because they are self contained rather than src= a different domain, sometimes chrome updates break cross-domain scripts


I’m enjoying Powerpack 3. One minor point, when changing workspaces, it doesn’t seem to clear the current setting. So if there is an Agenda in the left column in one workspace, but not another, it still is retained when switching over.