Plus Sign (+) Inconsistency

The plus sign (+) is used in two completely different ways in the Dynalist UI, which may cause confusion. Within a document, it is used to expand a bullet point. But in the file pane, it’s used to create a new file. This latter usage is normal. Within a tree structure, such as a Dynalist outline, however, expanding and collapsing buttons are usually indicated by a caret (pointing down to show an item is currently expanded, or pointing right to show the item is collapsed).

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Thanks for the suggestion, nice catch. I totally agree, and you can see with numbered lists we show triangles instead of plus and minus signs.

It’s a legacy thing and it makes the transition from WorkFlowy easier (I think). A sudden change will also upset lots of users, as we have experienced before. So even I agree it’s not an optimal design right now, I don’t think we’ll change it, unfortunately.

But, Workflowy made exactly this change earlier this year.
Interesting comments on the post. Generally in favour though.

:thinking: perhaps we should have a vote?

Woah, didn’t know that. Maybe we should follow our competitors closer :wink:

Vote it is! Do you want to create the poll, @pottster?


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Thanks a lot! :smiley: