Photo Uploads


Hi there,
I love this by the way, the best outlining program on the market. Just a point I want help with as I may of missed it. When I upload a photo by dragging into the screen and attaching the copied link is there a way I can resize the image. What I would like to see is a thumbnail by the bullet point or at the start of the line and when you click on it image it opens it.

Can you help please.



This is possible by adding the following into your “custom CSS” box in the settings (pro only I think).

/* image - sizing /
Images are shrunk to 50 pixel thumbnails /
.node-displayed-image { max-width: 100px; max-height: 70px; }
Hovering over an image thumbnail enbiggens it */
.node-displayed-image:hover { max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%; }

Hovering pops up a larger image - clicking it opens a new tab with the image in. I find it extremely useful.
I copied the code from George3 who had kindly posted it here:

You can change the numbers to change the size to your preference.