Option to set "home location" and always go there first

Just like a browser, once you set this, when you go to dynalist.io (without the “/d/xxxx” part), or open the desktop app, or open the mobile app, this “home location” will be shown rather than the last accessed place (the latter is the current behavior).


this is needed. I vote it

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I like the sound of this, as I often work out of one location for some time.

Ideally setting the home location would behave as above, and unsetting a home location would revert to the old behaviour – going to the last accessed place.

Is this how it will work?

Yeah, that’s what I’m imagining too, which seems to me to be the simplest solution. It behaves a bit different than a browser though, since the browser will show about:blank if you unset the home page.

Hopefully it’s intuitive enough to not cause confusions.