Option for note of top level bullet always expanded

In workflowy, when you zoomed into a bullet, the note of that bullet was fully expanded - this was a nice feature, allowing for tag clouds etc

While I really appreciate the ability to toggle expanded notes in dynalist, could we get an option to always expand the note of the highest level bullet (I.e. The bullet we are currently zoomed in to)? It seems very bizarre to me when the bullet is the only thing on screen and yet the note only shows one line … This is forcing me to toggle back and forth constantly, which is quite frustrating!


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Meanwhile, or instead, you could use 1 or more bullets as a tagbar:

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I was going to request exactly this, glad to have found the previous request to avoid a dupe. @Erica, is this anywhere on the roadmap?

I’ve previously requested via email, saying:

If there was a setting that would show all the note lines for the currently zoomed in item, while still showing only 1st line for all descendants, that would work, too. That way, if the URL is somewhere mid-note, you could easily zoom in then click it, not too bad. You’re already showing the zoomed in item differently anyway (it gets a star next to it for Favorites, children don’t). The setting could default to off, to not affect default behavior.

Here is my mockup of what I would like to see; @Stephen_Dewitt, can you please confirm if this is your expectation as well?

My usage case for this is that the top-level node, like a project or an issue, has a lot of important notes, while the notes of its child items are secondary. When I zoom my focus to that area, I’d like the parent item’s fully context, which includes its notes.

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Yes this is what I meant, and it’s how workflow did it. This is a good example as you don’t want the sub bullets’ notes expanded but you do want the parent expanded - quite often for important lists it’s nice to have a ‘guide to this section’ or similar thing in the note section of the parent - I do miss this feature from workflow :frowning:

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Hi. I’ve made a suggestion here, that might help you:

I proposed to have an option to include the notes into the expanding/collapsing mechanism of nodes. You could set notes to fully visible and collapse the child items together with their notes.

Granted, you’d have to collapse the children items by hand, but it would produce the same result, except you wouldn’t see the first line of the children’s notes.

What do you guys think? Would this be useful to you?

It seems like this item should be closed, as zooming into an item always displays the full note now at the top, even if setting is set to “1st line only (Global)”. I’m not sure when this started happening exactly, but this is very welcome, and satisfies my understanding of this request anyway.

Yes I agree this seems to have silently sneaked in, and very happy with it too :slight_smile:

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