Option for move item results not to show checked items, or to be more consistent with other search features

Two feature requests:
When I use the move option dialogue, it includes checked items even when I have global settings not to show checked items.

When I use search and find anywhere, it doesn’t show me checked items. This appears inconsistent behaviour.

What I would suggest is that move dialogue inherits whatever option is turned on for showing checked items, consistent with other search features. I am not sure the logic of why it should be different. If this is a desired default for some people, then the alternative would be an option setting somewhere.

My preference for using the move option would be to search in alphabetical order rather than recency. This would make it consistent with normal search. I don’t like having different views for the same search operator at different times. Here I appreciate the logic that some would prefer search by recency, and hend the feature request would be to have an (advanced) option to choose between these possibilities.



Hi, I never got a response from the Dynalist team. However, this still bugs me. Any thoughts on this?

Hmm, for 9.99 a month it would be nice to get a response…