Only see unchecked items

I am new to Dynalist and intrigued by the additional capabilities compared to my trusted Workflowy.
Can someone tell me whether it is possible to only see unchecked items in your documents?

Hi Tiest,

You can do that by search for -is:completed.

There’s no default filter for it, unlike hiding checked items, so you need to have an active search for it.

@samm and @Erica - thanks for the fast responses!
I tried you’re great suggestions and provide a partial solution.
It will show both the unchecked items but also the bullet-ed items with no checkbox.
I only want to see the items which have a checkbox that is unchecked.
Any smart way to get this accomplished?

My bad. My first suggestion was wrong. Try this combo:

-is:completed is:checklist

This only looks for items that are a checklist (checked or unchecked), and filters OUT those that are checked (e.g. completed), leaving only items that have checkbox, and are not checked.


Spot on, awesome feature!
This settles it. I am moving over to Dynalist
Have a good weekend and appreciate the support here!