One doc not syncing

One of my docs is not syncing from iOS to web or Windows desktop. The title exists in all three locations, but the body of the document as it appears on iOS doesn’t sync. If I edit this particular doc on the web or on desktop, then it syncs between those and leaves out the iOS app. If I add a new doc, or edit another doc, it syncs properly between all three locations.

Any suggestions?

Hey, I believe your iOS app has gotten the local data corrupted somehow. I’m still investigating why, but from the server side, I can see some errors happening when you’re trying to sync from iOS.

For now, I would suggest you move everything you wrote inside that document to a new document using the move item utility, and make sure the new document gets synced to the web. Once that’s done, and you’re sure everything is synced, you can uninstall the app and reinstall it, which will clear your local data.

The move item utility I mentioned can be found in the toolbar at the bottom:

Hi @JHS, you didn’t reply, I assume it’s fixed now?

Just cleaning up bugs before New Year :slight_smile:

All good. Celebrate away without this particular bug!

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