Old dates are 1 day off if selected from the calendar interface

Steps to reproduce

  1. Begin a date with !. The calendar navigation interface should appear.
  2. Navigate through the month, year, decade, then century by clicking at the top of the calendar.
  3. Select 1700, then 1770, then 1776, then July.
  4. Select July 1776.
  5. Select a day.
  6. Select “Done.”

Expected result

I expect the date I selected, e.g. July 15, 1776, to be included in the document.

Actual result

The day prior to the day I selected, e.g. July 14, 1776, is included instead


Chrome (web version)

Additional comments

Obviously, this is not critical to most users. I’m tagging dates in a history lesson, but it’s not even all that useful to use the date feature for this purpose. However, this bug is consistent with all old dates I’ve tried in the 1700s so far – may be useful to understand what’s wrong.

We’re using a third-party plugin for the date picker, so it looks like they might not test the history lessons.

And it’s working alright for current times and 1800s, is that right? Just to eliminate it’s a timezone problem or something.

I’ve recreated the problem with some dates in the 1800s, but nothing after 1900 so far.

Got it, thanks.

I think for your use case, writing out !(1776-07-15) might even be faster, considering how many clicks are needed to pick that date…