Okay to work in 2 browser tabs?

I opened Dynalist twice, once in two different browser tabs.

Changes I made in one tab did not appear in the other until I did a browser tab refresh (F5).

That made me wonder if it’s okay to work in 2 different areas of a document by opening it twice in 2 browser tabs.

Is this going to wind up corrupting my document?


Generally it should be fine. Recently we’ve experienced some sync issues (should be resolved by now), I wonder if your situation has anything to do with it.

Let’s say you want to sync changes from tab A to tab B. I know that you refreshed tab B, and when was the last time you refresh tab A?

Another minor thing is that changes don’t get synced as you type every little stroke. At least 5 seconds need to pass before it syncs again, unless you manually sync with Ctrl+S. Make sure you see the “Synced” status at the top right corner of the app in tab A before expecting seeing it in tab B.

I hope that helps!

Perhaps I was just too impatient! I tried it again and, based on your comments, waited a bit for the 2nd tab to catch up — and was pleased to see the 2nd tab sync right up with the changes made in the 1st tab. Worked great!

Thanks for the prompt response!

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Thanks for the update!

No worries, it was probably our bad since there were sync problems during the last week. Sorry!