Offline mode for Mobile App

The usability of the mobile app has been limited by the start up time / loading time.

Just an idea. Will it be useful if we put an option to disable sync temporarily?

Will it save some loading time?


I also observe really long load times on mobile. Sometimes it’s like I see a replay of all the changes since last visit, even changes that are later discarded (e.g. observe the insertion of a new item, later followed by an edit of that item). This can go on for 10 seconds or more, while the UI os semi-responsive.
If I’m in a hurry on mobile to just take a quick note, I just put it in Keep or something.
I think something is broken with the app startup sync.

I believe we’ve got a fix for this ready, but it hasn’t been pushed to the latest version of the app just yet. Will be out soon though!


Yay for this!

And it that still don’t solve this problem, we’ll see what we shall do. But right now we’re confident this will fix it :slight_smile: