Numbered checklists with hidden items

Steps to reproduce

Make a short list, with numbering and checkboxes.
Check the first item.
Have checked items hidden.

Expected result

I expect the items to maintain their numbering, even when some items are hidden.

Actual result

The numbering happens as if the hidden items were deleted.


Windows, Chrome browser.

Additional information

Additional comments

I’ve only just discovered this today and I already love it, if this numbering thing gets fixed I’ll be raving about it.

Hi @James_Forrest, this is actually after fixing a “bug” that quite a few users reported to us. Apparently more people consider skipping numbers a bug.

An example: Toggle numbered list excluding/including checked items

Most of them complained about this issue via private feedback/email though.

I guess for counting purposes, you want numbering to update when checking items, so you know how many items are left. But if each number corresponds to something specific (like a chapter in a book), you want the numbering the stay. Is that your use case?

Hi @Erica, thanks for your good response.

Interesting, yeah in my case I want the numbers to cross-reference with an external numbered list of tasks. But I suppose I can see that if people are not toggling visibility of checked items then they would see it as more consistent.

I can workaround it by just using a bulleted list with the numbers in it I suppose. I’ll still use the numbered lists for items that don’t have to cross-reference.


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Thanks for the reply and for being so understanding! :four_leaf_clover: