Node next line behavior has problems

In above gif, I demonstrate pressing enter. Then I go to end of line, press enter, expecting a new line, but the original line gets cut in half at a random point

in next gif, creating a new line with markdown image syntax behaves unusual cause the ! gets left behind

Do you have the Grammarly extension installed? If so please disable it and try again.

It could be caused by other problems, but this particular issue is so frequently brought up we even have a help article for it:

it might be “text URL linker” chrome extension I installed recently or “make links clickable” I put in

I don’t have grammarly extension installed

EDIT it was TEXT URL linker i had installed was messing it up

Thanks for the information. All the extensions that tries to change text or how text is display can potentially conflict with Dynalist and cause problem like this, unfortunately :frowning: