No default keybind for moving between parent/sibling items

Hello, I have been trying out Dynalist for a bit and downgraded to Free to see if I would still enjoy it. It’s pretty good, however, there is no default keybind for going to the parent item or going to next/prev sibling items.

I read the blog post where the features were introduced and I don’t see any mention of this being a Pro-only feature, but since Free users can’t modify keybinds, this feature is unavailable. If it has simply been overlooked, I hope this helps bring it to your attention – while it may be a bit niche, this is a hugely useful feature that I would love to be able to use again.


It wasn’t overlooked, it was simply because our selection of shortcuts are quite limited, especially because that Dynalist is usually used inside a browser.

I apologize for it that we didn’t mention it’s Pro only in the blog post. In effect they are Pro-only shortcuts. Sorry!