New shortcut to move lists between different parents

Suppose that you want to move “Child A” from “Parent A” to “Parent B”.

  • Parent A
    • Child A
  • Parent B
  • Child B
  • Child C

With existence shorcutkye, you have to hit
Shift + Tab -> Swap with next -> Tab -> Swap with previous (x 2times)
It is boring to me and I need a shortcut to do that.

Not sure if I’m following you.

Using Dynalist in a web browser, I click the item, CTRL SHIFT M to move it, and move it:

Can you expand a bit on your explanation?

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@ruud: I think @Kyosuke_Matsumoto is saying that Ctrl+Up/Down cannot cross parents?


Funnily enough I just got frustrated with this today too. See my post here on a macro which serves this function:

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This works but is fairly cumbersome / time-costly compared to a single press keyboard shortcut

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Ahhh, I see!

I hardly ever move items that way, except when I’m writing, so it went over my head :slight_smile:

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@ruud, @Stephen_Dewitt,
Thank you for sharing your tips. With your tips I can partly solve my problem.

But actually I hope to move “child A” from “Parent A” to “ParentB” as follows:

  • Parent A
  • Parent B
    • Child A
    • Child B
    • Child C

Yes, I meant that.

If you can support that, there will be two options :

  1. Prepare new keyboard shortcuts
  2. Changing behavior of Ctrl + up / down

I think the latter is better. You can move topics intuitively with one shortcut with regardless of inside / cross parent.

How do you think?

I’m not a big fan of the built in shortcut commands, I do it old school with the following method

  1. Click anywhere in my bulletpoint I want to move, 99% of the time I’m already on it when i want to move it
  2. CTRL+A , CTRL+A (you have to press it twice)
  3. CTRL+X
  4. Pick my new bulletpoint location
  5. CTRL+V

(takes less than 5 seconds)

Works on any bulletpoint, can move notes anywhere I want, as many notes I want, to any bulletpoint anywhere in my document. Takes same number of steps everytime

The problem with using any other method imo is inconsistency (e.g. if you move an item, does it go to bottom of list or top of list?)

Alternatively, you could just highlight everything you want to move, cut, make new indented bulletpoint, paste

As you can see it takes me less than 5 seconds to do

Side note if you had anything linking to any of these bulletpoints, it breaks the original link and you have to make a new one linking to it


Ahhhh you want the top of the list. Well I just tested this and you can add like 20 (or whatever) ctrl + up’s to the macro after the item is moved - because it’s a macro this happens instantly and will move it to the top of the new parent list (i just tested it with literally 20 items and the macro still takes <1 second). So this way you could make macros for top or bottom of next parent list as you like.

Yes I cut and paste items a lot too, but it requires at least some mouse clicking and I can’t think of a way it could be macro’d to always paste to the top of the next parent list as there’s no shortcuts to move to the nearest parent list or from one parent list to the next (ps. I would love these options) - but when you want precision or it’s a complex move, cut and paste is best :slight_smile:


@Erica, is it feasible? I usually need to move items across parents and Ctrl+Up/Down is a convenient method.

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I want to avoid cut and paste. As you noted, cut and paste is re-creating topics, which changes date info and links.

okay I see

I’ve been strictly avoiding using any built-in system-dates and linking in general because those notes aren’t as portable and are therefore less accountable if I had to move my notes to any other platform for any reason

I hard code all my dates using week numbers and days like today is #W11A #16 or march 16th

Its personal preference, but since I don’t rely on the date system, I can cutpaste wherever I want without much fear asides links I’ve made to that bulletpoint

I still cannot imagine a better system then cutting+paste in some instances though, although it could be improved by “deselecting” some bulletpoints elements you don’t want to cut and paste

alternatively, I rely more on tagging than linking, which is a overall better practice imo (goes back to portability of notes)

@Vincent_Tang In preferences you can opt to always have Moved items move to top or bottom.

Also, internal links should only break when moving from 1 document to another. Within the same document links shouldn’t break.


I meant cut and paste. The moment you cut anything (CTRL+A, CTRL+A, CTRL+X) it immediately deletes all the metadata associated with that bulletpoint, including any links pointing to it

If you want a fairly clean way to move bulletpoints while still retaining the links/metadata using the move command, this is imo the easiest workaround to do it

  1. Write a dummy bulletpoint, dubbed “asdf” or something you never type between bulletpoints you want to move

  2. Highlight all the bulletpoints you wish to move

  3. CTRL+SHIFT+M “asdf” press ENTER

  4. Highlight all the bulletpoints, press tab

  5. Delete the ASDF node

The gif above came out to 10 seconds though, but gives you an workaround to moving items without fail while only using the move command

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Thanks all !

I will be able to make a shortcut combining

When I finish the test, I will update you.

Even with this user-level customization, I have to change the shortcut key when i want to move topic inside parent or cross parents.
I am appreciated if you consider :

  1. Changing behavior of Ctrl + up / down

@Erica I have this feature implemented in a similar app I developed. It really shines when combined with indent/unindent, enabling one to move a node to any other position in the document faster than using drag and drop, provided you introduce similar keyboard shortcuts (redundant, in dynalist’s case) for indent/unindent. In my app:
ctrl+shift+up/down move a node vertically across the document whenever there is an available position above/below at the same indent level. Usually this just means jumping from one parent to the next, but sometimes it means the node moves quite far in the document tree (e.g. to a different parent and a different grandparent).
ctrl+shift+right/left are dynalist’s indent/unindent.

I’d be happy to share my code (not interested in competing with you guys).

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I found the following in DynalistBlog.

[UX] Now Ctrl+Up/Down can move across parent items.

Thank you very much for supporting this feature!!