New images will not display on IOS IPHONE app

…but images will display on the desktop app, web app, and IPAD version of the iOS app.

Steps to reproduce

1.Add an image to the web or desktop app of dynalist. (Does not matter if it is to a new or current document)

2.Make sure that — within the settings — the “display images inline” option is set to on. Also make sure that the image you just added is, in fact, displaying inline within your document.

  1. Open the dynalist app on IPHONE. Navigate to the same document in which you just added a new image. Make sure “display images inline” is set to on.

  2. Refresh

  3. Notice how the image you just added on desktop or web is not visible.

Expected result

For the images to display inline in the iPhone app—as they do within the desktop, web, and IPAD version of the app.

Actual result

For ANY NEW image that is added, the IPhone version of the app does not display the images inline.

Note: when viewing older documents with images, the images are displayed. The bug seems to only apply after a specific date—meaning after “x” date the images will no longer appear on iPhone.


Bug appears in the IPHONE version of the iOS app only. Bug does not appear on IPAD version of iOS app.

Both iOS apps are the most recent version

Additional information

I’d add pics but I’m not by my computer and only have my phone.

Additional comments

Sorry for sounding like a machine there. Writing that out made me feel like Scrooge!

I can’t talk about « old images » as I’m a newbie but I’ve got the same problem : Pictures are showing up on the web, desktop and iPad but I’ve got an empty square where the picture should be on iPhone.

It was already like this before I tweaked a little bit the CSS to reduce the size of the pictures (I used the dark theme from the start)

Screenshot of my iPad

Screenshot of my iPhone

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I am having the same issue. Does anyone have any insights?

I’m trying the same steps on our iPhone (iOS 13.1.2) app (v1.3.7), but I’m unable to see the square.

Does it show up in Safari on the webapp? Also, what kind of image is it, png or jpg?

On the website I can see the images fine, just not on the app. That’s a good workaround – I’ll just use safari to open the website on my phone.

That said, it still would be nice if the app worked. I’d like to help with image type but I’m not sure. I get the images by pressing windows+shift+s and then pasting them into dynalist, so whatever image type that creates?

That should be a PNG file then. Still need to figure out if it may be caused by an iOS update or something…

I’m having this same issue. Images show correctly in web browser, but in iOS app they only show as placeholder squares.

Just to update everyone: I have found the cause of this issue (It’s a credential issue where iOS wipes device cookies) and a patch will be out in a few days!

Having the same problem. For me it’s on iPhone and iPad. I’m pretty frustrated.

Experiencing the same issue on both iPhone and iPad Pro. I read the couple prior threads on this from last year and tried the logout method with no luck. I also completely deleted the apps and re-downloaded from the App Store, logged in, and still see the small square in place of an image. Not sure what else to try from my end if it’s a credential issue.