“New” Chrome Extension for Dynalist 🙂

I wanted to better manage my bookmarking in Chrome using Dynalist, hence built a new Extension, Dynalist Bookmarker!

Here are some of the features it supports:

  • Dynamic folder Selection - Dynamically select which folder you want to save your bookmark.
  • Tag support - Supports adding #tags to your bookmark.
  • Support for multi-line notes.
  • Draft mode support - My favorite feature of all, the extension saves the modification to title/tags/notes in cache when the popup closes (before saving). I wanted this to take notes while reading articles (demo).
  • Configure a non-inbox folder as Default - Supports setting-up a separate Folder for your chrome Bookmarks. I badly wanted this as I was over-flooding my “Inbox”.

Try it out and let me know. If you like it, please leave a review on the store. :smiley:


Awesome tool, loved it :clap:

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Very nice!

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Request: The ability to add items to the end of a list rather than the top.

I really hope that the developers can add some of these features to the default extension. This brings things much closer to what Todoist is able to do with theirs, and if it worked like this across platforms I really could consider ditching Todoist…

Dynalist API does support a “index” field. Let me see if I can leverage this to support adding to the end of the list :slight_smile:


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Great work @Nikhil. :champagne:

Can you explain more about the “draft mode support”? Do you keep the pop up open while taking notes? Or is it meant to add new information to the same bookmark each time you open it?

It would be great to have a keyboard action to close the bookmark, such as CTRL-ENTER.

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Thanks! :smiley:
Draft Mode - Basically, until you press “Save” or “Cancel” the popup changes all the modifications you make to title, tags, notes or url. Here is a quick demo of how it works - https://drive.google.com/open?id=141NjppM5kXs_yYMAIjS0LNBWC3ZPdDLs

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Great. I get it now. It’s good to use with a keyboard shortcut.
I currently use Liner for highlights, which is quite nifty but a little cumbersome. Your extension looks useful in most cases.

So, a feature I like of Dynalist Companion Clipper is that you can save the bookmark via Command+Enter. Your extension does improve on several other things, mainly getting rid of the annoyance of editing the [title](url) markdown, and I guess dropdown for places other than inbox might be useful to me some day. For now, I’m not sure I want to give up the keyboard hotkey in exchange for mousing over a save button… Also, is there no right-clicking of links in the website? That’s pretty important too.

Hey Thanks for the Feedback! :slight_smile: I’m actually adding the keyboard shortcut support since bunch of you asked for it. :smiley:


@Kevin_Murray @BigChungus Added keyboard shortcuts in the latest version (1.0.4)!

Cmd+I (mac)/Alt+I(windows) to launch popup. Press Cmd+Enter/Ctrl+Enter to “save”. You can configure the launch extension shortcut at chrome://extensions/shortcuts.

PS: Dynalist Bookmarker Wiki


yay, im going to use your extension now

btw the link on your wiki is wrong delete this at the end of the url /publish-delayed

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Dear Nikhil
Thank you for developing new Extension.
It is very useful. I love it.

I have a request.
Is it possible to add the text which I selected before launching popup on the web automatically into Notes when I launch popup ?

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Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: Hmm, let me see if I can do that

I love this extension and use it daily. Thank you! One question - is it possible to have the return key activate the save button? Most of the time I’m saving into my inbox with the default settings. I’d love to never have to leave the keyboard when saving something.

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Hey @Michael_Lebowitz, Thank you!

It already supports shortcuts :smiley: Cmd+I(mac)/Alt+I (windows) to launch extension. Press Cmd+Enter/Ctrl+Enter to “save”.

Checkout the Wiki/Documentation here - http://bit.ly/cdbwiki


Can I suggest you don’t make cmd-i the default for Mac. This is the default key sequence to set text to italics. Perhaps cmd-shift-i would be OK? But that isn’t how it is set right now…

@Kerim Hmm, I felt I never used Cmd+I on Chrome, hence made that as shortcut as it’s more convenient than 3 key strokes (Shift + Cmd +I). :slight_smile:

But, good thing is the default shortcut can be changed in chrome://extensions/shortcuts. :smiley:

Two features would be useful:

  • A faster and more automatic way to copy selected text and append it into notes.
  • An easy way to clip images

@Nikhil your extension is great. Unfortunately I’m a Firefox user have you looked into what it would take to port it to FF yet? If not do you have the code published/licensed somewhere that I could look into it?

I’m also going to +1 your tag API request since that’s the other main feature missing from your plugin.