Need Help with Internal Links in Digital Bullet Journal Template – How to Make Them Copy-Ready?

Hey everyone! :wave:

I’m working on a digital bullet journal, and I’ve hit a little snag. I could really use some help!

What’s Going On? I’ve created several internal links within the doc to make it super easy to navigate—things like clicking on hashtags to see all related hashtags, or jumping straight to the dashboard. Cool, right?

The Issue But here’s the catch: When I copy the doc to share it as a template, the links still point to the original document. They don’t update to refer to the new copy. :thinking:

Why Does It Matter? I want to share this bullet journal as a template. So it’s crucial that the links work within each individual copy, not just the original.

Does anyone have any insights or tricks for how to make the links redirect to the source within the same document? Your help would be golden. :star2:

Thanks in advance!