Name spaces aka folders for tags

Like im evernote but better. In a name space like implementation as in programming languages.

For example:

b.clients - for business clients.

and then search can be like type b. and then all the business related tags pop up.

weeell you can do that already !! surprise my friend

if you have #b.clients #b.transactions #b.spendings #b.etcetera
just type #b. in the search and all of this will appear

if you want to add a business tag but you dont remember the name, but all of them start with b. , you just need to write #b. and will appear a pop-up with aall the tags with “#b.”

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One thing which might help here, although some people might not like it, let’s say I have these two items

Item 1 #b.stuff
Item 2 #b
Item 3 #b.

If I click on the “#b.” or “#b” it will put "#b. " or "#b " into the search box and this not show “#b.stuff”. As a workflow user I got rather used to “#b” matching “#b-stuff”.

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add/remove space after tag in search box, it’s already working like you want

I agree and found that also, but on the IOS mobile version that can involve having the keyboard pop up and then hiding the keyboard to see parts of the list the keyboard was obscuring. Actually if you try it using IOS safari there are even more taps required. I guess my point is that clicking on “#b.” to start a search is not the same as typing '#b." into the search box.

If you want something in the document text (i.e. not a bookmark) that you can click on you can take the search result page URL and paste it into the document as a link. Although you can’t do that so easily if you are not using a browser based version.

Largely this is probably personal preference. I moved from Workflowy which behaves the other way around, and got quite used it and organized my tag around that…

Duplicate of No. 4 in here: Tag pane (Pro feature)

But it could be important enough to use its own thread.

And nice workarounds guys :slight_smile: