Multitasking on iOS is a basic requirement for a productivity app

I’m paying for a Pro account, because I really want Dynalist to suceeed. It’s such a great idea, with huge potential. However, the iPad app is really depressing. It lacks very basic functionality, making it too painful to use. Having access to share sheet, and have multitasking functionality — or at the very least being able to use an app in split screen — these are table stakes for productivity apps on iOS. These are basic features that are crucial to working on the platform. I do almost as much, if not more work on my iPad than my Mac now, and that is pretty common. But working with Dynalist is a massive pain. The iOS app needs to be able to export and import text, URLs etc, and export discreet text and whole files to other apps via a share extension. It needs multitasking functionality for iOS 11, preferably including drag and drop, but simply being able to open the app in slide over from the dock would be a start (its a bare minimum for multitasking).

I desperately want to be able to recommend the service, but I can’t because so many people I know need these things to work on iOS.

Anyone else working on an iPad, please make some noise. This stuff needs attention.

I agree it would be nice to have a fully fledged app on the iPad. I suspect it’s a big project to do this.

In the mean time I have found running Dynalist under Safari works ok when the “Request Desktop Site” option is selected (Press and hold the refresh curly arrow). You can use Safari in split screen mode.

This approach gives the desktop version of Dynalist and it is possible to export with dashes and copy for use in Day One as an example.

I also use the print to PDF trick when I need to cut and paste the actual text on the Dynalist screen (Select share to Print, 2 finger stretch the image and then copy and paste).

One other trick is to use the pop up menu to indent a line as there is no tab on the iPad.

You can also drag and drop a link from Dynalist to another app.

Some right button functions don’t work in the files area.


Hi guys, we’re actually working on this! Stay tuned :slight_smile:

Great news!

Thanks Shaun, much appreciated. I hadn’t thought to do that. Workflow let’s you make a stand-alone browser for a web app too, I made one for Dynalist in case you’re interested:

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Thanks JBP. One of the problems with the new drag and drop is the link has no description. Here is a simple workflow to generate a properly formatted link for a Safari URL to paste into Dynalist:

Run the workflow from with Safari, flick to the Dynalist tab and paste! Quite quick.


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