Multiple Workspaces within Dynalist

Like probably many others I have different areas I work in: Personal Stuff / Work Stuff / Stuff for a website-project I am going to launch / … Currently I keep the stuff separated by using the file structure and a top file for each area : Personal - Work - Webproject.
That works halfway well so far - when I close the top file, all the stuff is closed from my eyes, so basically goal achieved.

Still handling a complex file structure in Dynalist, especially on mobile is a bit clumsy and also hard to oversee.

I have thought of my former old laptop running linux lite which had an interesting feature: multiple (virtual) screens. I was able to open up e. g. Word and Browser on Screen 1, an excel sheet on Screen 2 and a private chat on Screen 3. With a keyboard shortcut I was able move from one screen to another and always see only the programmes open on this screen, the programmes on the other screens were put automatically into sleep mode to keep memory usage low.

That made me think: Would it be possible (and useful) to do the same thing in Dynalist? To allow defining a number of different workspaces each with their own file structure and use them for different “areas” of work or life? And with being active in one workspace all the other ones being in some sort of snooze mode?

Personally I’d think this could

-maybe make using dynalist for multiple purposes and life areas more comfortable and orderly

-take one level off from every file structure and this way make it maybe a bit easier to handle and overlook areas… and moving files around would take shorter ways to drag them

-make it possible to create a separated place for single larger projects, for private areas etc. and also allow to mentally switch from one context to another

-make searches faster and even more exact when they are concerning only the active workspace (though an additional option for a global search option over all workspaces might be needed by many and quite useful, I guess)

-improve the archive function by being able to define a separate archive area that’s kept from searches when not active but still being fully searchable when you enter the archive workspace

right now you can only archive files “in place”, their content is excluded from search but they are still in their original place when you don’t move them elsewhere … some “send to workspace XX” (e. g. workspace “Archive”) would make handling files and archiving a lot easier and faster I suppose

Anyone seeing advantages in that kind of workspaces too?

As mentioned it was just some striking thought - but actually I just discovered that way of “switching” between areas would indeed prove somewhat helpful in my care right now :slight_smile:

I’m well aware that the existing way to just use a folder structure of course works, but still see some advantages in workspaces when there’s a large number of files.