Multiple Views - Kanban, Column, Calendar etc

I noticed this is an important goal according to your support site but there’s no corresponding Trello card for it.

I’ve seen the existing Article View feature but I think this feature would be far more useful if implemented per-item.

In the item menu there could be a setting for ‘Select View’ which would allow an item to be set as List View (default/outliner), Kanban View, Column View etc.

The bullet for this item would then be highlighted as being a ‘special View’ type e.g.

These multiple Views obviously require a lot of time to implement in their fully-featured versions, but there are quick minimum versions that can be implemented with less features.

It would likely be easiest to initially make the item unable to be expanded, only zoomed in on (full-screen mode only).

Also you can make these special Views read-only at first, so if users want to add data they have to switch the View back to List View in order to add it.


There’s no Trello card for it because it’s more like an epic rather than a specific feature. There’s no clear spec for “multiple views”, basically.

The thing about letting each item have different views is that mixing them can be weird and also hard to implement. Imagine a Kanban item inside a normal item, and one of the Kanban item’s children items is a calendar item… all on the same page. Is that what you’re suggesting?

There could be separate cards for each View so voting can help prioritise which View first?

No I’m not suggesting any mixing of Views. My idea was that children of a special View can’t have their own special View.

For example the highlighted items here represent the special View ‘title’ basically, and the children of each are entirely shown within their corresponding View:

All of the example data children for ‘Kanban’ can be switched back from Kanban to List View (as it is shown above) by setting the parent ‘Kanban’ item back to List View.

Only then could a child item be changed to a Kanban View, like so (represented by the purple highlight):

Let me know if I’m explaining this well enough.

I think I understand what you’re saying, but don’t understand where you’re coming from. By that I mean, I don’t get why this restriction is needed.

If I understand correctly, you’re suggesting disabling nesting views?

I would be more interested in hearing more about why per-item is better than per-document. Per-item view is more complicated for both us and the user, so in my opinion it requires some significant benefits for us to consider doing things that way. What do you think?

Thinking about it now with the way I suggested is mostly the same result as the per-document method.

There is a slight usability advantage to the per-item view, similar to this method I found in an excellent article on embedding iframes such as spreadsheets, mindmaps and documents under an item. This way you can just expand or collapse items as needed to see each special View.

But to be fair I’d rather just have the new Views in any way I can ASAP rather than per-item (in particular having a Table View because Dynalist is not well suited to that sort of data at the moment).

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I love the idea of a “per-document” view. So when creating a document you could choose the type of document it was going to be (Kanban, Calendar etc.). Then as soon as you click on the document it just loads it with that particular view. It sounds super sexy. Long way off I realize but I personally like that one (maybe a slightly different icon to distinguish between the various document types?) But yeah I like that better than a per-item level which I feel would get really confusing when looking at a high-level item in the regular list, then you click on an item or certain sub-item and suddenly the view changes completely


Desperately want column/kanban view. I’m migrating from Notion and that’s the main thing I’m missing.
I share Erica’s confusion at the idea of per-item views.
I can see it implemented several ways. The simplest version I envision would be just having 2-4 documents up side-by-side simultaneously, assuming I could drag items between them. Per-document view also makes sense to me.


By “2-4 documents” do you mean different documents or 2-4 views of the same document?

If you mean different documents that would be split view.

I’d really love to just have a simple Kanban View where on any bullet, I can see all of it’s children as columns, and all of the children’s children as items in that column.

As an alternative implementation, I submitted this idea: Split screen

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This is what I’m doing in the mean time:

Using this bookmarklet script:
(function(){'', '','width=320,height=480');})(); to open really small windows


It seems workflowy has implemented something like that -

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Wow, that’s really nice. I’d love to see an interface like this in Dynalist.

I don’t know how to make this board view into a feature request, I definitely +1 it. If I had only one vote, I’d vote for this.

The Trello Roadmap shows the status of feature requests and allows users to vote on them.

The Kanban View request is here

I’ve just upvoted this feature on Trello Roadmap. Surprised to see that it only has 31 votes. It needs at least 80 to get moved to production. If you haven’t voted, can you please add your vote?
The Kanban View request is here

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+1 to different views idea in general - there are so many possibilities, indeed. The fact that everything is a (dyna)list fascinates me, but the fact that every list can be represented as a lot of different views (mindmap, calendar, article, board) is just incredible!

And +100500 to Fractal Boards (as made by Workflowy) - I’d really love to see that in Dynalist - I think it’s important to get it exactly Fractal - as it’s very scalable, nice & neat model that could be used in different projects. Now, after I know Fractal Boards concept, board with just single depth will never be enough :slight_smile:

I’d love to see card in so I could vote for it!

I am wondering why now with more than 120 upvotes the fractal board view feature is still in the new feature candidates and not in the top feature candidates.
@Erica this feature has shot to the top, it should really get your attention now… just my 2cents
I am tempted to switch back to workflowy just for this feature, but I have many linked documents and they are all hard-linking back to dynalist when I export them…
Please get this done soon…

How do you move items from one column to the next?

Probably the “move item” hotkey