Split screen

It would be really really great to have an option to create URL link with all the tabs/documents specified, so that I could send such link or bookmark it, and it would open all the tabs I need.

Use case:
Some predefined planning board, where I want 3 documents to be opened at the same, every time I do planning. Instead of manually setting up them every time, I just open the link - and voila!

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And also, if the shortcuts would be the same as in Sublime Text (like cmd+shift+1/2/3 to move document to another tab), it would be my favourite feature!

It looks like Sublime Text really got all this tabs/panes management right!

hi, I see this has been suggested way back… is there any chance this is going to happen?


It’s not a simple feature to app, but hopefully! :slight_smile:

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haha glad i could help. viva la vivaldi

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Hi y’all! Really excited that this feature is being prioritized. Something else that I’ve been really wanting in Dynalist is a Kanban view.

I find myself switching back to trello every so often for some things because I don’t have an kanban view. I desperately am wanting Kanban view and I don’t see it anywhere on the Trello roadmap.

It seems like others want this as well: Make a kanban, trello or airtable like board or table based on tags

And y’all have even hinted about it on here: https://help.dynalist.io/article/84-switch-to-another-view

Some of the views that we’re interested in experimenting with include Mind Map View, Kanban View, Calendar View, Presentable View, and Column View.

Since y’all are already implementing multiple views, I wonder if there’s a way multiple views can serve as a Kanban view by allowing you to add as many views (columns) as you want and then enabling horizontal scroll to be able to scroll through the views (columns). What do y’all think?


Totally right. When implementing this feature @Erica please consider multiple panes and the endless possibilities this would offer like Kanban.

I made this real quick with the Powerpack as an example:


I just saw that Workflowy has a Kanban view now. Available in the beta client.



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I’m still putting my money on @Erica delivering an optimal drag-and-drop split-pane view over Workflowy. @Erica rocks. :slight_smile:

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I just went and tried it out, it’s actually nicely done, it works nicely if you put Workflowy into full width view and works whether you’re zoomed to the actual item in board view of are at the level of its parent.

Given Workflowy doesn’t seem to get much development of love I’m quite surprised.

I would love to see something like this in Dynalist. The geek in me thinks it would be nice to have it configurable, i.e. not to just use the immediate child nodes of the node you’ve selected to be a board but maybe an option to use tags as well … but even just copying what Workflowy has done would be good.

Dynalist is still cool though and it looks after most of my work and projects these days.


I think this would kind of add the SideBar #roamcult has been praising about. Other the than sidebar dynalist already has all features #roamcult has been shouting about. Please correct me if I’m wrong & have missed any roam’s other features.

Two key features would be backlinks that are automatically included and pages that are automatically created. But this seems part of the development track for Obsidian now that the developers are working on.


Adding my vote for more than a single pane.

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And mine!

My request is similar, perhaps more detailed.
I think its not that dynaList is deficient, rather my organizing is lacking insight and application of existing resources. In other words, even if the software is “improved” [add more features], if your thinking is sloppy, you still have the same mess.

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Simple iOS desktop planner

  • Make a kanban with different views
    even a list with different views would be fine
  • Example
    • “Jobs card” view contains
      • Client1,
        • Task list: t1
        • Material list for that client: m1
      • Client2,
        • Task list: t2,
        • Material list for that client: m2,
          another view of the same data set would show
      • Materials
        By Clients view
    • “Materials card” view of “jobs card” data
      Material list by client: m1, m2, m3 the material items from “job card” or even other cards ie “personal card”
      • Add attribute if desired ie location
        • Supply house locations s1, s2
        • Inventory
    • “personal” card
      • project card
        Same as a client type card with tasks and materisls
      • Material list
  • All of these can have a time or priority component
    • Timeline
      • Calendar. Integration
      • Project gantt chart
    • Priority filter

I just built this myself on this excellent platform with three screens for kanban, simplified hierarchy by toggle list of inbox, date, archive, #desk, #field, #wk, #client, ancestor search bookmarks.
Awesome. I struggled with that for years!

Last things how to

  1. embed an #client list in notion for presentation and storage.
  2. gantt chart tie to clickup or hive for managing multiple complex projects

anyway, dynalist is the best and I will promote it by affiliate link

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@paul_fanta Have you built an extension for Dynalist or a separate app?

@Philipp: we seem to get quite a few requests for Kanban View. It’s a very different feature request than split screen though (please read our original description).

While Kanban is about transforming a list into a different view like mind map view, split screen is about opening multiple documents or lists side by side.

Would appreciate it if someone could open a dedicated feature request thread for it, so that the discussion can be done over there.

Hi @Erica this is already done: