Split screen

Another vote for Panes.

As an alternative / interim solution, being able to drag and drop a selection of items to move them to the top or bottom of another list would be very helpfu.l

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You can do that already. Or i misunderstood

Think I was unclear. I meant dragging a selection onto the sidebar.

I have an Inbox document that I use to quickly capture everything. I then process the inbox and move the content to other documents. Panes would be better (because I could put the selection exactly where I want to) but dragging the selection onto another document in the sidebar would be halfway there. Come to think of it, being able to designate an “Inbox” per document would be helpful as well.


For this specific workflow, I think “Move to” (Ctrl+Shift+M) would work best with the current feature set.

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I would find it really valuable if I could split screen between tag pane and file pane.

I hope this wasn’t mentioned already, since there’s a lot in the thread. If so, apologies.

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I’m adding my vote for split screen. I cannot get Powerpack 3 workspaces to work correctly and, apparently with Powerpack 3 turned on, Dynalist Allstar doesn’t work right. I believe this split-screen and some other features such as document, video and website embedding should be out-of-the-box Dynalist features so that this expanded functionality, helping the app serve as a digital scrapbook, is usable on all Dynalist platforms, including mobile.

Thank you!


The 1945 essay describes a machine for side by side editing and crosslinking. It’d be cool if Dynalist could do this!


My head just exploded. With one post you solved my browser problem and my dynalist problem at the same time, and made my day.


I accomplished similar behavior by opening two separate chrome instances in “app mode”.

/Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google\ Chrome --app=https://dynalist.io
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yeah but you can’t just drag&drop can you? I mean cut&paste isn’t terrible, but still…

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I’ll go Pro as soon as this is implemented :grin:


loving this idea
Maybe get inspired by window tyling manager like i3 or i3gaps - all shortcut, no mouse required please
And take care that the scroll indicator or other elements don’t stand out visually too much, so it is pleasant to look at, especially in dark mode
Maybe have the option to disable an indicator for which panel is active completely and have an shortcut for flashing the current panel in this mode ^^

one example i3-gaps setup video is here to be found, maybe it has interesting ideas for you to be found

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Drag-and-drop between Dynalist browser tabs would be a wonderful feature. I’d use it daily.


I’ll reiterate what someone else has said earlier - moo.do has a very nice implementation of multi-pane and is worth playing with to see how much easier it makes certain things (like large-scale reorganization of a big document). It’s, honestly, ALMOST enough to make me just use moo.do but there’s too many other nice things about Dynalist that are keeping me here :slight_smile:


It would be really really great to have an option to create URL link with all the tabs/documents specified, so that I could send such link or bookmark it, and it would open all the tabs I need.

Use case:
Some predefined planning board, where I want 3 documents to be opened at the same, every time I do planning. Instead of manually setting up them every time, I just open the link - and voila!

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And also, if the shortcuts would be the same as in Sublime Text (like cmd+shift+1/2/3 to move document to another tab), it would be my favourite feature!

It looks like Sublime Text really got all this tabs/panes management right!

hi, I see this has been suggested way back… is there any chance this is going to happen?


It’s not a simple feature to app, but hopefully! :slight_smile:

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haha glad i could help. viva la vivaldi

Hi y’all! Really excited that this feature is being prioritized. Something else that I’ve been really wanting in Dynalist is a Kanban view.

I find myself switching back to trello every so often for some things because I don’t have an kanban view. I desperately am wanting Kanban view and I don’t see it anywhere on the Trello roadmap.

It seems like others want this as well: Make a kanban, trello or airtable like board or table based on tags

And y’all have even hinted about it on here: https://help.dynalist.io/article/84-switch-to-another-view

Some of the views that we’re interested in experimenting with include Mind Map View, Kanban View, Calendar View, Presentable View, and Column View.

Since y’all are already implementing multiple views, I wonder if there’s a way multiple views can serve as a Kanban view by allowing you to add as many views (columns) as you want and then enabling horizontal scroll to be able to scroll through the views (columns). What do y’all think?

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