Multiple issues at Mobile window sizes (100px to approx 600px), desktop - Win7 x64

Hey guys, am aware this issue is nitpicking but I thought it would be an easy fix so putting it out there.

Steps to reproduce

Drag a standalone window slim width, approx 200-300px

Expected result

That there is less padding on the right

Actual result

Excessive padding on right.


Windows 7, in the app


Agree with this. Todoist is the same. It would be nice if it was adaptive sizing

Further to this - the menu for ‘my files, bookmarks, tags’ is completely empty.

I remember reporting this about a year ago.

This doesn’t change until the window is large enough for Desktop, any Mobile sizes, with hamburger, have this empty.

@Erica is this on a bugfix list somewhere?

Cripes, cant zoom-in by clicking at ANY mobile size as well (I have ‘use bullet to zoom in’ enabled), as the bullet is overlayed by minimize icon:

I can’t zoom-in (using alt+ →) on any item if it doesn’t already have child-bullets, instead it zooms in the first item on list (which the cursor isn’t on). This is a bug right?

@erica ? Can we get a reply, or direct me to existing bug reports - these are serious issues, no?

Sorry I missed this. Is this on the latest desktop version (1.0.36)?

I just tested on that version and it looks although it’s empty, by clicking on a tab name (“my files”/“bookmarks”/“tags”) it’s quickly back to normal.

And unfortunately they are hardly serious issues, as no many users like Dynalist like this and so they don’t experience it. Especially if the tags/bookmarks/documents do show up after you click the tab header like in my testing; we can fix the padding and the empty left pane content but they are more like annoyances rather than serious bugs.

P.S. During my testing I found the blank left pane to only happen with dynamic sizing. That means, if you resize it to be really narrow and afterwards restart the app, the left pane is not empty.

Alt+Left/Right is for going back/forward on the desktop. The shortcut for zooming in and out are Ctrl+[ / ], as specified in the Shortcuts & Formatting Help section :slight_smile:

Ok. Yet alt-right/left work as well as per WF, yet only sometimes. I.e. if I zoom in with brackets, then I can use alt-arrow one time, but not next time. Strange. Just FYI.


Yes, but clicking ‘my files’, etc does nothing for me. Stays blank.

And this? No change here. See screenshot above.

Alt+Left/Right is for going back and forward. So if you zoom in, naturally you can go back via Alt+Left. It has the same effect as zooming out. I know it’s a bit confusing, sorry!

I think I just found out why – if you resize when the left pane is closed, it will always be blank. If you resize while the left pane is open, it’s fine. Is that the case for you?

Yeah I see.

I’m sad to say this but Dynalist is not designed to work at 100px to 600px wide. It works, for the most part, as part of our “optimize for mobile” initiative. And it does work on mobile, as it’s mostly touch rather than clicks on mobile. I realize it’s not perfect at this size, but I think it’s better than, say, if you resize Gmail (it’s just the same website, but now you need to scroll horizontally), and we don’t want to revert back to that design.

Sorry I digressed. I wanted to say we’ll try to fix it as soon as we can, but we do have a lot of bug fixes and improvements on our todo list that a bigger part of our user base would want. It’s hard but we need to balance our priorities and special use cases like this are unfortunately placed after other things. I hope that’s understandable!

To anyone reading this – do comment or like the original post if this is bothering you too, and that’ll make us bump it from an “experienced by minority” problem to an “experienced by majority” problem.

Yes, but not only. I open it, it’s blank. And that’s the point.
Finding scenarios where it doesn’t break, kinda misses the point (I make below).

It hadn’t occurred to me that most would want to use larger than say 400px, as it’s primarily a task list, no? Personally I can’t imagine that the majority would want a larger than 600px, or full screen, list, but hey, maybe they do. Has anyone asked?

I appreciate what you’re saying, and the workload and priorities you need to manage, yet is this really a special use case? Is this not clearly, definitively an intended use case

Is there any way to get this in front of more people so you can get feedback?

So let’s refer to the three issues as the margin issue, the icon overlap issue, and the empty left pane issue, just so we can communicate without referring back to the screenshots.

I’ll look into these problems and post updates in this thread.

Awesome. Got it. You rock.

Update: fixed the icon overlap issue and the margin issue and the fixes should go out in the next release if they pass the code review.

Working on the empty left pane issue as we speak.

That’s awesome. Rock on.