Do you use Dynalist at wider or narrower than 600px?

Note: not applicable to mobile website nor mobile app.

Context: someone believes the majority of Dynalist users use Dynalist at narrower than 600px and let’s see. (Multiple issues at Mobile window sizes (100px to approx 600px), desktop - Win7 x64)

  • Full screen/wider than 600px
  • Narrow/narrower than 600px

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Thanks Erica, I intended to say: it hadn’t occurred to me that WF, Dynalist or similar (EDIT) Outliner tools :wink: , would be preferred to be used at wider than 600px, or fullscreen, but that I don’t know so why not ask? Thanks for doing so

todo lists :joy: you can write whole books here, it’s an outliner

Tomato, Tomato :slight_smile: .
(Edited above to appease the Outliner gods :wink: ).

@erica It just occured to me that your Poll doesn’t mention - this is ONLY relevant to desktop app users, or those that have standalone windows they resize. Otherwise DL is browser window/tab based, and users aren’t resizing from the standard browser window px.

I’d also appreciate you rephrasing, as I didn’t actually say what you’ve written (though I admit I said somewhat similar, yet then edited for clarity - not sure which you read :wink: ).

Context: If you A) use the win/mac Dynalist app, or B) Use DL in a standalone resized browser window, we’re interested in what approx size you use:

  • Larger than 600px
  • Narrower than 600px

Currently, having smaller window sizes don’t work well, even in a todo-list context, due to the lack of flat search results. Searching for tasks across multiple contexts also show parent nodes, etc.

Well I never count the pixels when I resize a window, but yes, normally I use 2/3 of the sceen space with Chrome or PDF and 1/3 of screen space at the right with Dynalist

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@samm @Leonardo_Muzkiz_Ramo the point of Poll is to gauge how users want to use DL, add your vote :slight_smile:

I think it applies to both desktop app users and browser app users. I’ve seen users who use the web version who resizes the app as well.

My reasoning is this: both the desktop app and the browser version opens up taking up the entire space, indicating that that’s the default way to use it, unless say, MSN Messenger, which only takes up a narrow space. So if the user wants to resize it to take notes or whatever, they will do it regardless of which platform they are on. It’s pretty straight-forward how to separate a tab and resize it as well.

Well if it helps I use both 1200px x 1960 vertical monitor and when I press Piotr’s omni panel shortcut my screen actually does hit 600px wide approximately

So in reality I do occassionally use 600px in dynalist on windows, but for the most part its at 1200px-1960px

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That’s actually exactly what I said :slight_smile:

I.e. there’s no point doing a poll for people that don’t resize ANY window. Of course the majority will use larger than 600px, it’s a given.

A poll that asks how many of your users actually resize their windows, and if so at what size, isn’t redundant however.

Also - [quote=“Erica, post:1, topic:1042”]
Note: not applicable to mobile website

Isn’t that what we are actually talking about? I.e. it’s the same code?

That’s what triggered this poll in the first place, no? You believed most people use it as a task list and make it narrow and I believed the opposite. We were talking about how people use Dynalist, not how people who like to resize apps use Dynalist.

It’s the same code, but it’s meaningless to ask if mobile web users use it at 600px or wider, as they will always use it at 600px or narrower unless they’re using large tablets like iPad Pro. Also none of the bugs you reported happen on mobile (if they do, they’ll probably be fixed by now), so I thought this poll is not for mobile web/mobile app users.

Did you miss this? This is the solution to this ongoing dialogue. It would likely confirm (aligned with your experience) that the majority use DL at full screen sizes/wider than 600px.
It would also inform how many users might resize windows, to inform your priorities. The current poll questions clarify nothing.

I’m here to help :wink: .

This paragraph contains multiple contradictions: same code, mobile don’t use wider than 600px, but some could, none of the bugs occur, but might and are probably fixed.

Same code but triggered differently… Same code + same device can guarantee same behavior, but same code + different device doesn’t. It doesn’t take a lot of mobile app use to know that 600px wide screen on desktop looks different from what’s on mobile. The most obvious thing being that the +/- icon are placed at the right hand side of each item on mobile, but not on the desktop app.

There are a ton of other small differences, which I won’t go into details here. The web app, the desktop app, and the mobile app share the same code, but they work differently, that’s not a contradiction.

Go ahead and post another poll; this poll is old and it won’t receive too many more votes. And it will produce inaccurate results since there will be votes from before the clarification and votes after the clarification.

Start another one and use the wording you think are most accurate, as I’m afraid I can’t describe it the way you want it to be. The poll category is not restricted and anyone can post a poll.

Just gonna add, so the explanation for the contraction is:

(1) on mobile app: all three problems you mention do not happen, at least from my testing. And by “if they do, they’ll probably be fixed by now”, I mean because so many users use it on mobile, if these issues where present, we would know before you report them.

(2) on desktop, resized to 600px or narrower: the problems you mentioned are present.

(1) and (2) run the same code. The behavior is just different because different conditions were detected.

Ah, didn’t realise this. Will do.

@erica It’s not about how I want it to be, I’ve gone to effort to try to help, to clearly evidence why this poll clarifies nothing. It was never about proving myself right (on the contrary) although you’ve asserted this a number of times, including in the poll wording (have you even gone back to read what you wrote?). At this stage think it best to move on.